Radical SR3 With NH Street VIN

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$, £, C$, A$, €, $AUD 29,900

2003 SR3 1340 with New Hampshire VIN. Very rare scenario to have one of these cars with an actual road VIN. This car was once used in the one lap of America, therefor had to be driven on the street from event to event.  Our dealership is exactly one year old now and Ive received the phone call countless times about getting a Radical on the street, well here’s your golden opportunity!

The car is here on Long Island in Port Washington. My Friend/customer has owned the car for a few years. Purchased it as a project car to tear down, build back up and be able to take people out for rides in. Life has changed with involvement on Road to Indy and such and doesnt have the time or space for it anymore and sadly needs it to go.

The car was completely torn down, put on a flat plate to check for any twist, cracks etc. Was all good, then rebuilt back up with fresh hardware everywhere, new battery, new lens covers, fresh spark plugs, stater, better body fit etc. The car is red gellcoat but currently has black PlastiDip, so can peel it up and have a red car, keep it black, or re do it whatever color you want.

Very unique car having the NH Street VIN, has very interesting history & story as well. Priced at $39,900 given the time and such to get the VIN very good value, but open to conversations and potential offers.

  • Listing ID: 27132
  • Model: SR3
  • Year Produced: 2003
  • Chassis Serial Number: SR300120
  • Driver Position: Left Hand
  • Engine size: 1340
  • Gelcoat Color: Red
  • Graphics Color / Description: Black
  • Paddle Shifting: No
  • Rear Wing Options: Aluminum
  • Shock Absorber Option: Single Adjustable Bespoke Mono-Tube
  • Fuel Tank Options: 77L Aluminum
  • Dry-Break Re-fueling System: No
  • Dual Control System (Brake & Clutch for driver and passenger): No
  • IVA / SVA Type Approval kit (to make road legal). Includes road lights, switches, programmable ignition, hand brake calipers, horn,quiet silencer &catalytic converter, collapsible steering column, rear view mirror, bodywork trim and molding: Yes
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  1. Dustin

    Does it come with a title? Also is there a passenger seat? Thanks.

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