Radical SR8 Alternator / McLaren high temp / high endurance alternator - New in Box!

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$, £, C$, A$, €, $AUD 2,495

Radical have primarily offered two alternator version for the SR8:

the basic model (that works fine in colder climates but has a shorter life span)

McLaren Technologies bespoke alternator developed primarily for USA & other “hot climates”. High endurance, light weight, high performance.

It’s brilliant, it’s made by McLaren and it’s pricey. Retail is around $3,000 plus internation shipping etc. Although I’ve seen friends get quoted as much as $8,000.

I sold my cars, this is my spare, new in box, asking $2,495

  • Listing ID: 22558
  • Model: SR8
  • Chassis Serial Number: N/A
  • Driver Position: Center
  • Engine size: N/A
  • Gelcoat Color: Other
  • Paddle Shifting: Yes
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  1. Malcolm Aaron

    do you still have this?

    1. Jesse

      Yes, in stock, ready to ship.

  2. mAgAs670h

    Id take it if it was $2,000. let me know if youre willing to sell for that much. what is the Amp rating on it?

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