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How to Make a List of References in the Thesis


After the main text is written, it's time to draw up a list of references in the diploma.


References - quality requirements


First, check its quality. What does it mean? There are special requirements for the sources that were used by WriteMyPapersCompany when writing the thesis. Reliability. All information should be taken from the works of authors who are specialists, scientists, or from official sources: the website of state statistics, the original report of the organization, etc.


Relevance. All materials related to the research topic must be up-to-date. That is, laws are valid, statistics are modern, and theories are not refuted. Research supervisors require the use of literature published in the last three to five years in order for the thesis to be relevant research.


The ratio of publications, textbooks and Internet resources. You will not find this rule in the methodological recommendations in the chapter on how to correctly draw up a bibliography. Each book reports online writer has his own view on this, depending on personal beliefs and the specifics of the thesis topic. It is considered good manners to write papers based mainly on textbooks, monographs, and scientific publications. 


And no more than a quarter of the list is allocated to Internet resources. This does not mean that you have to spend days and nights in the library to find the right material. All sorts of scientific manuals, articles, textbooks and dissertations on your topic will be found on the Internet.


We recommend taking a look at the following resources:

  1. Google Academy, where by entering keywords or topics, setting the main parameters, an excellent collection of scientific articles will be selected.
  2. Check out some report writing companies to order a paper.
  3. CyberWriter is an excellent collection of publications in all fields.
  4. E-Library is another collection of scientific articles, as well as abstracts and dissertations.
  5. Sites with collections of textbooks, manuals in all disciplines. The electronic format makes it convenient to copy information.
  6. Scientific periodicals - a site where you can find all the data about the publication, including a link to its electronic version. It is especially convenient in that all sources are designed in accordance with the standards, you can copy the data without changes to the list of references.


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