The Radical Sportscar Registry has teamed up with the Radical Factory and with Radical Co-Founder Phil Abbott to help answer questions that the Radical community has.  The “Ask the Radical Factory” section can be used to get answers from the experts at the Radical Factory who built these cars.  The “Ask Phil” section can be used to ask Historical questions about the company and products produced before 2017.

"Ask the Radical Factory"

The Radical Factory has teamed up with the Radical Sportscar Registry to give the Radical community direct access to the expertise at the factory to answer your questions.

"Ask Phil"

Phil Abbott Co-founded Radical in 1997 and was instrumental in the design and production of the Radical model range.   Phil’s latest focus has been Developing a new race car company called Revolution Race cars that is now producing the A-One model.  Phil has a tremendous passion about Race cars and the Racing community, and he has agreed to share his 40+ years of experience with the Radical Sportscar Registry members to answer questions about Radical History and pre-2017 products.