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by Tage Nielsen

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$, £, C$, A$, €, $AUD 35,000.00

by Daniel Johnston

Currently located in Virginia Beach, Virginia and used for HPDE and Club Events at VIR by Dan Johnston.   #85 was purchased from the orginal owner in March 2024 with 25 hours on chasis and engine out of Tampa, Flordia. Options: Air Jack System Billet upright upgrade Composite halo head restraint Convenience Pack (fuel drain and trickle-charger Li-ON) Driver & Passenger Seat InsertsElectric Pre Oil Heater Electronic Power Assisted Steering (EPAS) Enhanced Data Pack (SmartyCam video system with GPS and brake pressure and steering logging sensors) Forward-facing stay head protectors Gear Shift Light Hot- Climate Brake Cooling Tire pressure and temperature monitoring system

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by Gordon513

Chassis 542 has 1340 Engine, Geartronics Paddle, Intrax shocks, Carbon wing and is now located in Tampa, FL

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by Gordon513

Radical SR3 chassis number 542 is a white car with a 1340cc engine. The car has the optional Geartronics paddle shifting, 280mm floating brake rotors, warm weather cooling, dry-break-re-fueling, and intrax adjustable shocks. The car was located in Tampa FL.

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by Helmut Weber

The Radical SR3 with chassis number 594 was completely rebuilt in 2023. Left-hand drive, full LED headlights, a carbon biplane rear wing, carbon Le Mans mirrors, clear taillights and 280mm floating brakes front and rear. The car is located in Cologne, Germany. 14 hours on the engine and 10 hours on the gearbox, 2023 new FIA tank, paddle shift system, 260 bhp RPE Suzuki 1500cc engine with twin battery 24V starting/charching system, AIM Race Data Logging,

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by Aaron Smith

2019 Radical SR1.  Used by Primal Racing as a school car from 2019-2023, now owned by Aaron Smith of Marietta, GA.

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by Rob Van Landingham

Purchased Prosport #138 from Paul Bhattachar on 04/22/2023.  Have replaced fluids, brake pads, fire safety system, tires, cockpit wiring, brake bias system, fuel cell, and tail light. Car now resides in Oxford, Florida.

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by Adriaan Nel

Car has high downforce aero kit with air jacks as well as big brake kit upgrade with 1500 engine. Car is originally from Dubai and imported to Angola for there local racing. Currently has stock  Hayabusa with the bikes engine wiring loom.

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by David Ivichek

Radical SR3 #00868 was recently purchased from its previous owner in October of 2022.  The car resides presently in Montreal, Canada.  Up to this point, the car had only taken part in track days, no racing. Since the purchase, the car has foregone a complete chassis overhaul: Car was completely dissasembled and re-built from the ground up Air lift system was installed Complete suspension link, rod end and bush replacement Fabricated and installed adjustable suspension links at the rear Developed a triple adjustable suspension from AVO Tarox 2000 disc brakes (260mm) Zamp belts were installed Axia Alloys various mounts were installed (camera, remote shock reservoirs, communication system, etc..) Oil warmer was installed and engine was changed over to Sinto Racing 10w60 oil Bodywork was completely redone and a complete wrap was designed and installed (Race-Ink - Montreal) Carbon Composites UK complete carbon wing was fitted

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by tom carter

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by Dragos Savloschi

Radical Prosport chassis number RMS0168 is a red car with a Hayabusa 1598cc, 265 cp, Upgrade Gearbox whit long gear 1 and close ratio, Data log, Traction control, Auto upshift, Brake pressure senzor, Active lambda control,  dry sump engine. In September 2019 the car was located in the UK.  In October 2020 the car was sell in Romania.  

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$, £, C$, A$, €, $AUD 45,000.00

by Simon ONeill

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by Chris Montouchet

50 years exactly between my 2 British race cars

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by Rod Bender

Radical SR3-XX Manufactured November 2022 - Delivery February 2023 1500cc Engine with 24 volt Starting System Spin Safe Clutch Billet Uprights Upgrade Pre-Preg Carbon Fibre Double Front Dive-Planes LED Race Lights Triple Adjustable InTrax Suspensuion Air Jack System Enhanced Data Pack Tyre Pressure & Temperature Monitoring System Electrically Activated Fire Suppression System FIA Certified 76 litre Fuel Cell Fuel Sampling/Drain Kit Dry-Break Refueling System Forward Facing Stay Head Protectors Composite Halo Head Restraint Passenger Belts & Head Rest Passenger Seat Vinyl Insert Additional Set of Wheels    

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by Staszek Lassak

2.0 ecoboost 300PS

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by Antonio lavieri

Radical SR4 Hayabusa Powertech 1300 engine 200 hp (original engine still sealed) Vac Robotic steering wheel gearbox. trim for pirelli tires. control unit and new electrical system the car was imported into Italy by AUTOSPORT SORRENTO sold to Carmine Capezzera of Basilicata Motorsport, subsequently sold to a renter from Fasano- (D'Amico) currently owned by Antonio Lavieri. the car is used in uphill and slalom.

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by Markus Zunker

The car was sold at the end of 2019 by Glinicke Motorsport (Radical Germany at that time) to Rene Erdmann, the father of Sally Erdmann. Sally used the car at Trackdays mainly at Bilster Berg. In 2022 Sally decided to run the car in the Radical SR1 CUP in the UK. The car was ran by the Radical Works Team. She did only 3 rounds of the Championship and stopped the campaign. After that Markus Zunker bought the car. The car is equipped with the Convenience Pack (Engine oil pre-heater / Fuel sampling drain kit), Enhanced Data Pack (Race logging, including brake pressure and steering sensors, Smartycam GP with GPS), LED Race Lights, Forward-facing stay head protectors, Composite halo head restraint, Passenger belts and head rest.

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by Bill Swatling

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by JFC Racing

Chassis SR8 00085 resides at JFC Racing undergoing a JFC-V8 engine conversion.

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by Slip_Angle

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by Alain ANDRE

I've just bought this var in Spain. after many years in Valencia, the car went to Pamplona 2019-2022 its new location will be near Lyon (France)  

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by Wim Geentjens

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by Dan Hoult

SR3 chassis number 47 was originally a blue (I believe) SR3 'Supersport' with the standard low downforce package. It was imported into Western Australia where it was raced, before being transported to Tasmania, Australia when it's owner moved here. It was rarely used and was sold to another Tasmanian, who had it out a couple of times before parking it up for health reasons. I purchased it in early 2022 in it's current form. Prior to coming to Australia it had an engine rebuild, I have been told it is a standard 1300cc Hayabusa spec block now, with EFI and the Radical dry sump system. Once in Australia it had a respray in white, it had an unlocked MBE ECU installed to allow it to be dyno tuned gaining approx. 20hp from the standard tune. It was the previous owners intention to install a turbo kit (hence the unlocked ECU) and I have this kit but have not installed it (at this stage!). It has had several aero upgrades, including high downforce sidepods including skirts, high downforce front splitter, dual carbon dive planes and a dual element carbon rear wing. After a thorough cleanup it appears to be in generally...

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by Dabler

Car re-built over past 3 years. I acquired it Dec 2021 and I am racing it in The Supersport Ireland Championship.

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by Seth Higgins

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by Peter Clare

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by Andrea Grammatico

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by Arnaud LECLERC

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$, £, C$, A$, €, $AUD 30.00

by DavidF

SR3 XX 1500.  Received in November 2021.

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by Tony Greenan

💥For Sale 💥   2013 Radical SR8.   2.9 build from Radical Performance Engines.   2.9 from Twin Suzuki Hyabusa engines. Estimate 460-480 BHP and revs to 10,500 RPM   Weight 680kg   17 hours on the engine from the 2.9 build.   5 hours on the gearbox from a strip down and inspection.   This car has been well maintained and serviced regularly. Anything  it needed it got.   Full electric fire  eater system Carbon LeMans mirrors Carbon rear wing Carbon dive planes Ultra lightweight split rims Intrax four way adjustable shocks 2x sets of wheels Life Ecu Brake pressure Sensors Steering angle sensors New seat belts Engine heat pads Air jacks 300mm brakes Spare quiet exhausts Full MSA log book   Comes with spares 👇 Spare drive shaft. 2x spare anti roll bars Spare brake pads Spare quiet back box Spare radiator Jacks to lift the car New Engine oil New Gearbox oil Spare wheel nuts Battery charger Spare side skirts Coil pack Coil leads Spark plugs Single Radical racing seat Pipes for pumping petrol out Spare clips etc for holding bodywork 20 Racing slicks of various compounds. Avons Hankook and Dunlops. Probably have more parts for it...

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$, £, C$, A$, €, $AUD 45,000.00

by John Clark

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by bjoerneli

3rd owner in Norway. Chassi redone and new paint job. Used for trackdays. 1500 CC drysump

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by DavidF

SR3 XX arrived in Georgia in July 2021.  Center seat Radical Cup series car.

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by Paul Richards

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by GaragenWerke

Rebuild of my sr3

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by Greig McArthur

2011 car with RLM Stage 2 engine.  Engine last rebuilt by RLM 2020.  In Scotland since 2017, raced in SMRC Sports/Saloons and currently KMSC Mod Sports.

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by Martin Lucas

I'm the 2nd owner. The car was in Germany. Radical Benelux buy the car for me and make a full overhaul (Engine, suspension, ...) I receive my new car on the 1st of June 2021 at Spa-Francorchamps. The first ride was fantastic. Just need to adjust the car to me. I 'll take part into the Belgium championship in 2022.

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by dwang2000

Car purchased through Wisko Racing and is located on the east coast.

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by Magnus Wallen

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by Anthony Autiello

Radical SR3 SS #109 Original car yellow with powertec suzuki 1300cc carbureted engine.   Upgrades / Development: Intrax 3 way suspension 1450cc Suzuki Hayabusa (built by RillTech Racing) Pro-Shift PS3.5 Paddle Shift System Aim Evo4 Data Logger with Formula Steering Wheel and Smarty Cam GP Full Carbon Fiber "RS" body work RSX style wheel upgrade Full Carbon Fiber biplane rear wing Dual carbon fiber dive planes RSX style rear diffuser Akarpovic exhaust RS Style Mirrors 24v starting system w/ (2) Braille Greenlite G30 Lithium Batteries SR8 Brake upgrade kit. RS Style crash box Cartek Afterburner FIA rain light Lifeline 360 fire Extinguisher System   Car is Professionally Maintained by Flatout Motorsports and races at Monticello Motor Club & SCCA  

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by Jonas Maurstad

One of the mantorp park driving school cars. An original 1300 car as far as I know. Bought by a Rudskogen track event company and later driven in various Norwegian club level events. Looks to be pretty stock. MBE 992 b ecu. Non reverse diff. Centerlock image 8 and 10 wheels. 240 std vented with hispec calipers.

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by Benjamin Freer

Radical SR3 chassis number 692 is a white car with a 1500cc long stroke engine. It has paddle shifting, Intrax adjustable dampers, AIM gps. In January 2021 the car was located in Dubai

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by Nick Laconico

New to me Radical SR3 RS. Just a few hours on the engine from a fresh RLM rebuild. So far so good

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by Robert Walker

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by Matthew Robinson

Hi This is my Radical SR5 I bought 3 years ago from a gentleman in Belgium Fabulous car to drive

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$, £, C$, A$, €, $AUD 1,234,567.00

by Josh Broome

Car was imported from Radical UK and currently competes in sprint races in South Africa.

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by Miles Drew

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by Jack Baruth

PR6 0003 is green with black trim. Acquired in May of 2020 from Justin Hughes, who owned it for four years but did not run it. Needs significant refurbishment. Planning to run it in SCCA P2 and NASA SU with a 1300cc Gen 1 engine.

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by Rod Bender

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by Charles Hubbard

I have purchased this car from the second owner, the first owner was WISKO at VIR. The second owner did not get to drive the car but about 22 miles. I'm going through the car, renumbered it 99m. Not enough spare parts when I bought it. I have purchased new rims, new center looking hub nuts, new tires, changed all the fluids and I'm going to install the spin safe clutch kit, looking at installing an LED lighting upgrade, front and rear. No headlights at this time. I have a lot of down time. I installed a bead seat insert, that is a must with the fiberglass tube driver seat. I have been driving an open wheeled modified for 15 years and now I'm going road racing. Looking for spare engine with low hours just because.

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by Matt Carter

Runner up Radical Clubman Cup 2012.   Change to current owner in 2013 and used in sprints, hillclimbs, and circuit racing.  Converted to 1475cc in 2015.   Shipped to Australia in 2018.  

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by Knut Grimsrud

Radical SR3 chassis number 818 is a white car with red and black graphics. It is a left hand drive car with 1500cc engine, paddle shifting, Le Mans mirrors, air jacks, front and rear 280mm floating brakes, Intrax dampers, carbon rear wing, extended telemetry acquisition (including suspension travel and steering angle sensors) dry-break refueling, and hot weather cooling. Purchased from Spring Mountain when it had blue and white graphics, the car is now located in the Pacific Northwest.  

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by Jeff Welles

Raced until 2013 on the East Coat. Converted to street car by Jeb Greenstone, Cutworm Specialties, North Carolina. Being finished in Costa Mesa, CA

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by proto

This is the car already in the registry showing as in Lodi. I purchased the car late 2018 and it's now in Menlo Park CA. Also upgraded to paddle shift and AIM MXL2.

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by David Nicol

Radical SR4 - 2006 - SR400048 Kawasaki ZZR 1200 Powertec (195hp) - 11800rpm redline Flat side Carburettors    

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by Walter Pistor

Ready to race, the Radical SR8 is listed amongst the fastest cars to lap the Nurburgring.  This car has been maintained to the highest standards and has the most reliable V8 that Radical built coming with a 40-hour warranty from Radical.  Larger engine variants like the 3.0 liter had a shorter engine lifespan and were known for cracking the main journal bearing caps.  I’ve seen it first hand at Spring Mountain Racing.  This car won the European Masters Championship and was meticulously maintained by the race-winning team with a beautiful and fast set-up.  The motor and car were completely refreshed by Radical mechanics at Radical HQ in Peterborough, England before shipping to the USA.  The transmission was recently completely refreshed and has less than 1.5 hours on it.  Spare final drive gears come with it allowing you to easily change the gear ratio for your racetrack of choice.  This car comes with all sorts of goodies including 3 sets of wheels and tires (one completely fresh), extra sway bars, 4 sets of extra springs, and all the spare parts you will need to maintain it.  Everything has been carefully thought through to make you self sufficient at the racetrack. Hot...

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by Will Shen

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by Antonis Milou

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by Matt Graham

Currently for sale in UAE.

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by Matt Graham

RXC Spyder #SPYDER0030 was originally ordered in April 2016, delivered in June 2016.  Race primarily in the 2016 Radical European Masters championship.  Sold back to Radical and used as a demo car through 2018.  Purchased in late 2018 and imported to Canada as the first RXC Spyder in Canada.

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by James Plenderleath

Radical SR3 1300 registered in 2004 from factory. At some point used as an 'arrive and drive' trackday car by a hire business - taking it off the road. Car was bought from this company in 2017 and is currently being used as a hillclimb and sprint car in North East Scotland. The engine is believed to be gen 1 1400 hayabusa 1400 (bored to 84mm) done by RLM Racing. Current owner looking to recommission car back  to road legal spec - just needing to fix front light loom.

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by Kevin Espinoza

This 2018 RXC 600r was sold by Primal Racing to a member of Atlanta Motorsports Park. Every carbon fiber option was selected for the car and was made street legal in the US. This RXC was part of a large scale project with Gtechniq North America to launch their new product, HALO. A number of detailers from the Southeast came to AMP and spent around 18 hours stripping the car down to bare carbon, applying the design, color correcting, applying Crystal Serum Ultra ceramic coating, and HALO. The car has been tracked very little and all maintenance work is being done and recorded by Racing Analytics at Atlanta Motorsports Park. Easily one of the most gorgeous looking RXC's to be built!

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by Kurt Camilleri

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by Alan Cassells

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by Garrett Taylor

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by Alex7

Initially run by Radical CZ in the Czech „European R-Cup 2011“ as a sister car of #443 and 731, which are also in the Registry. Sold in 2013 to the second owner, who updated to floating disc brakes an air jacks. Engine rebuilt at RPE in 2018. Bought by current owner in January 2019. Very low total load time of 16 h and total distance travelled of 2.000 km.

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by Richard Mabrouki

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by Andy

2016 SR1 One of the last gen 1 cars, 2016-Won the Bedford "how fast" non championship Radical SR1 sprint and held the  overall lap record for a while. Raced in all rounds of the SR1 cup 2016 and  Radical challenge championship, with 1 race in Brscc OSS championship. 2017- Raced 2 rounds of the SR1 cup. 2018- Raced 1 round of the SR1 cup at Cadwell pk and one round of MSVR allcomers at Rockingham. Possibly broke the "SR1 spec" official lap record at Rockingham.

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by Richard Kosar

As of 11-25-18 the car logs 5519 miles and has 115:06 on the clock. Transaxle H198 This car has carbon brakes on it. I've noticed that some, but not all, front suspension components have 168 tags. Came with Michelin tires. Full AIM camera setup

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by Peter Gustafson

 Radical Registry Submission /  Sweden / 817 views / Popular

by Nikki Schumann

We purchased 484 directly from Radical freshly refurbished in 2015. Originally fitted with a 1500 cc engine, it was swapped for the 1340 engine during refurbishment due to the intended purpose as a rental car and received a new fresh bodywork at the same time. It is a nicely specced car with Intrax 3-way dampers, floating 280 mm brake rotors all round and steering position sensor. The paddle shift is a closed loop system so it has it's own control unit. I don't know if this is because paddle shift may have been fitted later or if the early RS's where all like this.

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by Nikki Schumann

We purchased 376 in 2014 from a private seller in the UK. One of the latest "pre RS" models, it was (according to a Radical source) one of the first 5 cars to receive the Life Racing ECU. The ECU is still mounted on the bulkhead at the front of the engine with the Diagnostics cable running to the left and coming out near the left side shoulder of the twin seat. In it's early years it was owned and ran by RAW Motorsport's Rob Wheldon who fitted some interesting upgrades to it (coolant swirl pot among others). It was also fitted with a bespoke STACK 8916i dash which it still has though I don't know if this was a factory fitting or if it was fitted later in the car's life. After being with Rob W. it moved on and was raced by Alex Sims in the UK and subsequently sold to private owners. While with the previous owners it received most "RS" upgrades including floating 280 mm front brakes and the full "high downforce" bodywork. When we purchased 376 in 2014 it was fitted with the manual sequential gear lever. Shortly thereafter we had RAW Motorsport fit a...

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by Chris Lorenz

Radical SR-3 Chassie 111   This car was purchased in 2009 from US Racing School. It was a stored school car with 50 hours on meter (runs when power is one). This car was then prepared to be Competitive in SCCA-CSR class by Jeff Shafer with Radical Ventures Racing and Factory 48 motors, by James Barwell. Updates performed from 2009-2010 New Updated Uprights Reinforced Strengthened Frame Updated High Downforce Bodywork Dual Front Carbon Fiber Conards Full Width Carbon Fiber Rear Wing Wilwood 4 Piston Calipers GearTronics Closed loop paddle shift system, No lift shift, auto blip, neutral find button, auto up shift mode if needed, limp mode, Push Green button for 1st gear compressor and tank is in side pod. AIM MXL Dash System. Oversize Radiator with Fan Diff Pump/Cooler Oil Cooler   2015 Updates: INTRAX shocks Spec Radical 4 Piston Calipers.     Raced by Steve Nicklin 2009 SCCA Season to Feb 2011: 32 podiums, 3 National Wins stickers, 3 Regional Win stickers. 2009, 3rd place So Cal National points. 2010, 3rd place So Cal National points.   2009 SCCA Runoffs at Road America Qualified 12th with lap of 2:21.114 Finished 10th with lap of 2:22.638 highest placing Radical...

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by Mick Steer

Bought late 2017, only used for track days, would like to know of its earlier race history. i was told it was used for endurance racing. Believe car to be a 2004 car but do not have any documentation for that. Not for sale, unless I decide to upgrade to an SR8

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by Don Dagenais

Purchased refurbished from Radical Canada winter 2017 as a track toy from Radical Canada. It gets a lot of use between father and son. Winters in the US and summers in Canada.

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by BobMob

Car has KW Sunspension, Diff Oil Cooler, AIM Data Logger System and Quick Shifter

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by Matt Graham

Purchased new via Radical Canada in January 2018.  First raced in RCNA COTA round, March 2018.

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by Kenneth Shahoian

Original owner.  Track day use only.  Took apart for routine maintenance in 2010, and it's been apart since.

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