Year ProducedChassis Serial NumberPictures Info LinkNotesSource
61Red and yellow with 1300 FI 2006 HayabusaStohr and Radical Race car forum
83Pictures / Info LinkMartini paint job. For detail pictures go to and Radical Race car forum
86Pictures / Info LinkOwned by Jake Latham at the time. Originally purchased by Randy Kent in Kansas City in early 2000. See sheet for details.Stohr and Radical Race car forum
88Pictures / Info LinkProsport chassis number RMS 0088 is a red car with a 1340cc engine with a DTA ECU. The car is owned by Salvador Sanchez who uses it for hill climb competitions in Valencia Spain.Radical Sportscar Registry
2000RMS0090Pictures / Info Link Stohr and Radical Race car forum
2000RMS0091Pictures / Info LinkProsport chassis number 91 is a red, white, and blue car with a 1300cc engine. The car is located near Toronto CanadaRadical Canada
2000RMS0092Pictures / Info LinkBlue car with yellow splitter and side skirts and dive planes. Has a large yellow R on tail. Kawasaki ZX1100 engine, headlights, parking brake. horn a, Air jacks, quick fueling system, air jacks, and center lock wheels. Listed as a Clubsport 1000. This car is road legal in Florida. Located in Punta Gorda, FL
2000RMS0093Pictures / Info LinkRed car with yellow splitter. Located in Houston TX. Kawasaki 1000 engine. First owner was Ron Tonkin (Ferrari Dealer in Portland Oregon), Second owner was Gary Seale (who bought the car to resale at Lamborghini of Houston, third owner was Simon BazbazRacing Junk
RMS0094Green with 1500 Powertec engineStohr and Radical Race car forum
2000RMS0096Pictures / Info LinkRed car Imported from Australia in 2006. Hayabusa engineStohr and Radical Race car forum
2000RMS0103Pictures / Info LinkRed with Kawasaki engineStohr and Radical Race car forum
2000RMS0108Pictures / Info LinkRadical Prosport chassis number RMS 00108 is a Blue car with yellow dive planes. It has a Kawasaki ZX10 1000 cc engine and air jacks. Originally sold in Portland and raced in SCCA for 1-2 years. The second owner purchased the car in late in 2004 and brought to California and Arizona where it was raced in 2005. The third owner was Jeff WIlson from Wadsworth IL. The fourth owner lived in Southern California and kept the car in a large car collection where it was unused from September 2011 through December 2018. It has a Kawasaki ZX10 1000 cc engine and air jacks. The Radical Factory confirmed that the car was ordered in October 2000 and would likely have started build that month.
RMS0114Pictures and Info LinkRadical Prosport chassis number RMS0114 has an aftermarket light weight composite body and a supercharged 1340cc engine. The car has a large carbon wing, custom dive planes, Intrax triple adjustable dampers, and 280mm floating rotors in the front and back. In February 2019 the car was owned by Kurt Camilleri and is being used for hill climb competitions in Malta.Radical Sportscar Registry
2000RMS0115Pictures / Info LinkRed car. Car owned by Terry Eaton who purchased it from Tim Castellano in Northern CAStohr and Radical Race car forum
2000RMS0119Pictures / Info LinkRadical Prosport chassis number RMS0119 is a Green car with a Loynings built Kawasaki 1000cc engine. SCCA Logbook 96-1062, DSR / P2 Sports Racer, as raced in 2016 SCCA Runoffs 11th place finish Sports Racer Technology
2000RMS0120Pictures / Info LinkWhite car with Green accents. Kawasaki 1000. First owner was Ron Tonkin (Car was raced by Tonkin's son), Second owner Gary Seale (never raced), third owner Don Podgurny (never raced), fourth owner Simon Bazbaz (never raced). Car is located in HoustonRacing Junk
2001RMS0121Originally purchased by Michael Czysz in Portland OR on 1/2001. Color was grey and red. Ran 2001 in DSR with a Kawasaki 1000. Ran 2002 in CSR with "Czyszuki" 1440. Won NW region. Fastest Radical at Laguna Seca in 2002. Second Owner Michael Clauss of Tahoe City, CA 12/156/04. Color was grey and red and blue and yellow. Ran 2005 in DSR with GSX-R1000 engine. Won San Fran region. Third owner Paul Leonard of Monument CO 1/25/08. Color might be black and red. Will run DSR and Track day events with same GSX-R1000Stohr and Radical Race car forum
2001RMS0137Pictures / Info LinkEx works car, Every available option. Run by Vic Moore. Came new with a Kawasaki engine but has been changed to a Hayabusa. See details in folderSports Racer Technology
2004RMS0157Pictures / Info LinkRadical Prosport chassis number RMS 0157 is a Blue car with headlights. Carbureted 1400cc, paddle shift. Wet sump , air jacks high downforce package. Pictures taken at Spring Mountain (8/2014). Sold on Bring a Trailer on 4/4/2018 for $24,000. The Car was located in Pottstown Pennsylvania. RMS0157 went up for auction again on Bring A on 9/27/2018 (but didn't sell). Currently 110 hours since overhaul. Headlights have been removed. Only used once in last three years. The car was located in Northridge CA. In November 2018 George Brodish updated the Radical Registry showing that the car is now in East Rutherford
2002?RMS0168Pictures / Info LinkRadical Prosport chassis number RMS0168 is a white car with a 1400cc dry sump engine. In September 2019 the car was located in the UK.Radical Sportscar Registry
2004RMS0176Pictures / Info LinkProsport serial number 176 is a tan car with orange graphics. It is a right hand drive car with a 1596cc engine and carbon bi-plane wing. The car won the Maltese Overall Hill Climb Championship in 2014 /15 /16, and Class Championship 2014/15/16/17. The car is located in MaltaRadical Sportscar Registry
2002RMS0180Pictures / Info LinkRadical Prosport chassis number RMS 0180 is an orange car with a Suzuki 1400cc dry sump engine built by Sam Nelson racing. In May 2015 the car was located in East Longmeadow Massachusetts and was listed for sale on eBay. The ad said that the car was previously owned by Alan Wilzig.Apex speed and eBay
2003 or 4RMS0185Pictures / Info LinkBlue and Orange car with a ZZR1100 Dry sump engine with Flat slide carbs. Ad calls it a Clubsport. Was Located in East Sussex England in Ad from June 2011. Car sold again in April 2013 and went to GermanyRadical Owners Club
2007RMS0202Pictures / Info Link1300cc Radical Prosport. White car with Red and black graphics. This is one of the last Prosports built by the factory (RMS 202) it was one of a batch that were shipped to Sweden where it did a couple of races and was then on display in a motorsport bar. It then went to Malta where it was rebuilt and did one test. It has PR6 front and rear diffusers and undertrays, PR6 crash box, SR4 reversing diff, Carbon light covers and aero screen, High downforce twin element rear wing, Engine has 6 hours use on it. Car is now listed with a 1400cc engine. Car is currently in Aberdeen
?RMS0204Pictures / Info LinkRadical Prosport chassis number RMS0204 has a black wrap and a 1400cc carbureted engine. IN January 2020 the car was located in Rome ItalyRacecarsdirect
2007RMS0209Pictures / Info LinkProsport chassis number 209 is a black right hand drive car with a 1300cc engine. It has paddle shifting, Air jacks, Single adjustable dampers, a 54L aluminum fuel tank, brake pressure logging, and an aluminum wing. In December 2018 the car had 196 chassis hours. The car is located in Sweden.Radical Sportscar Registry
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