YearChassis Serial NumberPicture / Info LinkNotesSource
20042Pictures / Info LinkRadical SR4 chassis number 2 is a silver car with a Dry sump Kawasaki ZZRR1200cc engine with flat slide carburetors. The car was used as a rental carRacecars direct
20044Pictures / Info LinkRed car. ZZR1200 Powertec engine. Has race exhaust. Upgraded to full 2006 High downforce aero
20045Pictures / Info LinkRadical SR4 chassis number 5 is a white car with blue graphics. In July 2019 it was for sale in
20047Pictures / Info LinkRed car with Yellow accents and a yellow R on the nose. 1300CC engine. Aluminum Fuel cell. Car is located in Northern New Jersey. Engine has 55
34Pictures / Info LinkBlack car. 1400cc engine. Claimes to be Kawasaki engine ?
200536Pictures / Info LinkRadical SR4 chassis number 36 is a red car with a 1547cc Suzuki fuel injected / dry sump engine (rebuilt spring 2018), Intrax triple adjustable dampers. The car was originally owned by Mike McGinley from Kansas who won two Midwest Division CSR Championships and finished 6th at the 2006 SCCA Runoffs. At that time the car was red with silver graphics. He sold the car in late 2009. The car was sold again in July 2018 on Bring a trailer. At that time the car was red with black graphics and was located in Vacaville, / Sport Racer Technology
200647Pictures / Info LinkRadical SR4 chassis number 47 is a white Right hand drive car with a 1340cc engine and Carbon Bi plane wing. In April 2019 the car was owned by Antonis Milou and resided in Cyprus.Radical Sportscar Registry
200648Pictures / Info LinkRadical SR4 chassis number 48 is a red car with a Kawasaki 1200cc engine. It has an aluminum rear wing, Triple adjustable dampers and a fuel cell. In October 2019 the car was located Warwick UK.Radical Sportscar Registry
201287Pictures / Info LinkBlack car with orange graphics, 1500cc engine with 0 hours, air jacks, carbon Le Mans mirrors, Brake pressure sensors, F&R floating rotor upgrade, Intrax 1 way dampers, Clear rear lights, 24v strating system, Reversing differential, Fuel drain out kit. Car is located in Weston-Super-Mare England
Radical Sportscar Marketplace
201599Pictures / Info LinkWhite and blue car 1340 engine, used for Hill climbs. Located in Siracusa Sicilia (Italy)
Radical Sportscar Marketplace
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