Year ProducedChassis Serial NumberPicture / Info linkNotesSource
20074Pictures / Info LinkRadical PR6 chassis number 4 was originally sold through Jeff Shafer at One Motorsports to Don Simons. Don added a Volcano wrap to the car. At that time the car had 1685cc engine and the car was maintained by One Motorsports in Las Vegas, NV. The car was then sold to John Lisk from Tucson Az. John had the car wrapped in blue and changed the engine to a 1340cc. John told me a story saying that Don originally wanted to get payment for the car in chips from his favorite Casino (but this didn't happen). John sold the car in / Radical Sportscar Registry
20079Pictures / Info LinkBlack car, 1585cc engine, Geartronic paddle shift, ATL Fuel cell, Farringdon steering wheels, MBE ecu (unlocked) and dynoed to 238bhp at the rear wheels, Originally sold to Gulfsport Racing in Dubai where it was used for about 10 hours. The current owner imported the car t Malta in 2012 and added less than 5 hours. Currently only used for Hill climbs. The car is located in Balzan, Malta
James DunRadical Facebook page
200714Pictures / Info LinkBlue car with Black carbon rap with Yellow accents. Rear upper body and right side pod damaged in fire. Body parts cost prohibitive to freight across the water or repair. Will be parting out. Have been using as part car for it's sister chassis #15. Bare frame or rolling chassis. Rear wing. Wheels, front body, have two hayabusa engines may consider parting with. In San Jose/Gilroy area moving to SoCal before year end
Radical Sportscar Registry
200715Pictures / Info LinkPR6 chassis number 15 is a white car with orange / black graphics and a 1440cc engine. It has a a custom rear wing. The car is located in CaliforniaRadical Sportscar Registry
200716Pictures / Info LinkRadical PR6 chassis number 16 is a black car with blue and white graphics. Ian Charles drove the car in the first round of the 2019 RLM / Bikesports Championship at Donington Park.RLM / Bikesports Championship
200718Pictures / Info LinkPR6 serial number 18 is owned by Josh Smith and won the BRSCC OSS championships in 2014, 2016 and 2018 and the Castle Combe Sports & GT chamionship in 2013. His name for the car is "Poppet". The car haas custom front and rear floors/diffusers, Koni dampers, Life ECU and paddle shift, The engine is currntly a 1440 stage 2 RLM engine but will change to 1340 in 2019, floating brakes front and rear, Reversig=ng differential, custom front brake ducting, Aim Formula 3 steering wheel and evo 4 logger. The car is located in the UKFacebook
200822Pictures / Info LinkBlack car with silver R on hood. Has 1500 engine. Located in LaQuinta
25Pictures / Info LinkYellow car. 1340cc engine. Paddle shiftIng. INtraz three way shocks.Purchased in Sweden in 2015 to be raced in Spain during 2015 season, where it won the Andalucian Championship. Then in 2016, it was raced in Sweden where it took part in the Scandinavian Championship where it raced all season long. Now the car is back in spain.
200827Pictures / Info LinkRed car with yellow accents.d Has Paddle shifter. 1500CC engine. Dry sump. Carbon duel element rear wing. Front dive planes. Intrax shocks. Car located in Morgan Hill
29Pictures / Info LInkPR6 chassis number 26 is a red car with white, black and gold graphics. It has a 1500cc engine with 10 hours of runtime. The car finished 2nd in its 2018 class championship. The car is located in Warrington England.Radical Sportscars Marketplace (Facebook)
36Pictures / Info LinkRadical PR6 chassis number 36 is an orange car. The car was driven by Alastair Smart at the first round of the 2019 RLM / Bikesports Championships at Donington ParkRLM / Bikesports Championship
201038Pictures / Info LinkWhite car with Black center stripe and British flag on nose. Ex factory car ran by James Abbott. Has all options. Located in EnglandRadicals Owners Club
201041Pictures / Info LinkRadical PR6 chassis number 41 is a Black car with yellow and silver graphics. 1340cc engine, Ex Jonathan Wright PR6Carbon rear wing, Intrax adjustable suspension. Located in the UK. On 11/11/2016 the car was sold by the Radical factory to Adam Dale. As of January 2020 the car now has pink and silver graphics and the engine has been upgraded to a 1650cc RLM Stage 3 engine with 248 HP at the wheels. The car is located in York UK.Radicals Owners Club / Race cars direct
201250Pictures / Info LinkRadical PR6 chassis number 50 is a black car with silver and red graphics. It was built in 2012 and has a 1340cc stage 2 tuned engine. It has Paddle shifting, oil pre-heater, brake pressure and steering sensors, Floating rotors, and a Carbon Bi-plane wing. It is owned by Richard Stables in York, UK.Radical Sportscar Registry
201253Pictures / Info LinkYellow car, 1500 cc engine Serial number 1500-615RPE, 250 chassis hours, 17 hours since overhaul, paddle shift, Carbon bi-plane rear wing and Le Mans mirrors, clear rear lenses, dive planes, front and rear 280mm floating brake upgrade, 36L FiA Fuel cell, Brake and suspension logging. The car is located in Marbella SpainRadical Sportscar Registry
55Pictures / Info LinkRadical PR6 chassis number 55 is a Green car with black and white graphics. Gen 2 1475 Hayabusa. One of the last PR6s to leave the factory, built in 2011/2012. Originally exported to Sweden then returned to the UK. Pneumatic Paddle shift system, 24V starting system. Bi-plane Carbon rear wing and Le Mans mirrors. Life ECU, Intrax 3 way dampers. Big brake kit on front with floating rear. Electric reverse. In Sept. 2019 the car was advertised for sale with a 1340cc stage two engine. At that time the car was located in the
201457Pictures / Info LinkRadical PR6 chassis number 57 is a black car with a 1340cc engineFacebook
201559Pictures / Info LinkRadical PR6 chassis number 59 is a blue PR6 with orange graphics and a 1500 cc engine. Doug Carter drove the car at the first round of the 2019 RLM / Bikesports Championship at Donington Park.RLM / Bikesports Championship
201561Pictures / Info LinkBlack car with silver and red graphics and yellow R on nose. Likely the last PRO6 produced. Delivered in August 2015. 1340cc engine, oil tank heater, paddle shift, auto blip, data logger, 24volt starting. Located in Yorkshire EnglandRadicals Owners Club
?Pictures / Info LinkCarbon fiber with Green accents. Owned by John Morris (Owner of Spring Mountain). Photos taken on January 2014Spring Mountain
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