Year ProducedChassis Serial NumberPicture / Info LinkNotesSource
2008?4Pictures / Info LlinkRadical SR5 chassis number 4 is a white car that has been painted blue. In 2018 the car was located in Belgium and in January 2020 the car was located in the / Racecars direct
2006?6Pictures / Info LinkRadical SR5 chassis number 6 is a red car with black stripe. Has headlights , In 2017 the car was located in Abbottstown PA. In 2020 the car was located in Atlanta / Primal Racing
2007?mPictures / Info LinkThis SR5 is grey with blue graphics. It was converted to a LH drive car and used a 2.4L Acura TSX Type R motor and a Hewland 6 speed sequential gear box. Had the optional headlights, 20 gal fuel cell, and High downforce packageStohr and Radical Race car Forum
11Pictures / Info LinkSR5 chassis number 11 (of 24 total) is a Black car with Green and white Graphics. It has a Honda K20 engine and Hewland paddle shift transmission. Located in Belgium. The car is for sale again in November 2018. The car is now wrapped in black foe carbon with orange. The car is listed in
200815Pictures / Info LinkOne of only 25 produced world wide. Yellow car with gold wheels. Has Honda K20 engine and Hewland FTR 6 speed transaxle. See add in
2007?bPictures / Info LinkYellow with White and blue graphics. Posted by Radicaldave Aug. 10, 2010. Formerly the GULF car. Fresh
??cPictures / Info LinkBlack with yellow graphics. Note Race specifics found on
2007?dPictures / Info LinkRed. Located in Pompano
2007?ePictures / Info
??fPictures / Info LinkWhite car with Green
?gPictures / Info LinkWhite with Orange
2007??iPictures / Info LinkBlack and red car spotted in Budapest Hungary on 4/18/
2008?jPictures / Info LinkRed car from
??lPictures / Info LinkBlack and green car located in Lithuania, Honda K20 engine, Hewland gearbox with Paddle shift, 280mm full floating brakes, Carbon Bi-plane rear wing, Carbon dive planes and Le Mans mirrors. Single seat, Race lighting kit,
200817Pictures / Info LinkRadical SR5 chassis number 17 is a black car with red graphics. In May 2019 the car was located in Budapest