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Posted 3 weeks ago by CharleyH

    This is an immaculate  highly optioned car with a screaming 455 horse power 3.0L V8 engine. It has the optional leather dash and seats with colored stitching, 9 piece carbon package, air conditioning, Aim Smartycam, power steering, Intrax triple adjustable dampers, air jacks, electric side mirrors, back up camera, bespoke yellow brake calipers, raid superlight wheels ($6k option), full headlight package, and rare Radical rolling spares case. For more information on the car give me a call at (seven-one-four) 514-2082.

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Posted 4 months ago by Spring Mountain

2013 Radical SR8RS center seat race ready. This vehicle has the upgraded very limited carbon fiber brake kit installed. The brakes on the vehicle are extremely good, it takes the SR8 to the next level.

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$, £, C$, A$, €, $AUD 80,000

Radical SR3 XX 1500CC BRAND NEW

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Posted 4 months ago by GroupARacing

Current state of the art Radical SR3 XX with 1500CC engine. The Radical SR3  is the best selling race car in the world and the new XX model is better yet again! This car is Radical New York’s, in stock and available immediately. The car is brand new delivered in November 2020 and available for immediate pickup. Current time frame to get a new car is 6 months, take advantage of this fantastic scenario to skip the line and get a brand new 0 miles car today!!   Demo days and sessions are available for interested parties before committing to car purchase.   The SR3 XX is the first production race car to feature AiM’s new solid-state technology, which controls not only power management, but also a suite of data options and technology to help Radical drivers be the fastest on the race track. It will also be the first sports car to feature AiM’s new Formula steering wheel technology, akin to those usually seen in high-level single-seater racing cars and Le Mans Prototypes.   Options included in the car: -1500CC engine upgrade with 24v starting system -Left hand drive -Silencer exhaust option -Oil pre heater -Radiator Fan -Spin Safe...

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2014 RXC Coupe

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Posted 6 months ago by GroupARacing

2014 Radical RXC for both the road and street! Engine Upgrade -3.2 Hayabusa V8 Engine with very low hours with it just being rebuilt by the factory. Fast and Reliable car always maintained regardless of cost by Peter Moodie who knows Radical’s inside and out. Chassis is in great condition and the car has 0 crash damage history. Carbon interrior but with fiber glass body work and accessories. 17 inch front wheel, 18 inch rears, 1 set of non forged wheels for wets. Short & long radio kit available. Multi function steering wheel and electronic power assisted steering. AIM data logger, adjustable brake bias, Intrax 4-way adjustable racing dampers. 7 speed quaife gearbox, carbon dive planes, air jack system for putting the car in the air. Upgraded short exhaust system to make more power. The car an be sold complete or as a roller, whichever the buyer prefers. This car is on consignment with us and is located down in Caribbean. The seller will arrange shipping back into the USA. Yes there are ways to make this car street legal and it currently gets driven on the street. $100,000USD as complete car. This car new is almost double this car!...

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Radical RXC Spyder with Low Hours

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Posted 11 months ago by CharleyH

This low hour RXC Spyder has the optional 3.0L V8 engine with 440 HP with "Fly by wire" throttle and a 7 speed paddles shifted gear box.  The car was imported to the U.S. in February 2016 and was only raced 3 times.  The chassis has 35 hours and the engine has 15 hours.  The car has always been maintained by a professional race shop / Radical dealer. The car has 35omm floating rotors in the front and 310mm floating rotors in the rear.  The tires are 17" in front and 18" in the rear.  This car also has the carbon fiber body detail kit which includes carbon fiber: Headlight buckets, aero turning vanes, ram-air ducts, rear brake ducts, and engine cover ducts.  

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Radical Spyder


Posted 3 weeks ago by Tyronne Hulten

Nice Radical Spyder with a refreshed gearbox (Zero hours) by Radical UK and almost new V6 2016 (15 hours). Radical UK has optimized the ECU, the engine deliver 680 Hp. The Spyder is fully loaded with factory options. This car has not been out on a track since 2017, stored and maintained by one of Sweden's most successful race team.

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$, £, C$, A$, €, $AUD 79,000

Radical Clubsport


Posted 1 month ago by tenel tilk

For sale Radical. Car is on good condition. Car weights around 500kg and uses kawasaki 1100cm3 engine. Due to very good weight-power ratio it is very fun and fast car to drive. Maintained 2021 spring and ready for action. Paintwork isnt the best, but nothing horrible. Car comes with multiple spares and tires. Second set of wheels with wet tires. Price also includes brian james trailer.

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Posted 5 months ago by Francesco D'Avola

Chassis 11 hrs Chassis# SR4 00045 Engine • Powertec-Suzuki 15000cc 4-cylinder DOHC engine. • Produces 252 hp. • Four butterfly, individual throttle body intake • Composite ram-air box. • Dry sump with remote oil reservoir. • Stainless steel manifold & exhaust system with race silencer. Transmission • Six-speed sequential transverse gearbox (std 3.07.1 ratios). • Light weight chain drive system with integral limited-slip differential, interchangeable gear ratios • RPE transmission oil pump & radiator. • Lightweight steel flywheel & multi-plate clutch. Chassis • Right Hand Drive purpose built sportscar. • Powder-coated carbon steel spaceframe chassis with integral safety cell, complying with SCCA regulations. • Removable forward-facing steel chassis stays. • Fully adjustable pedal box. Bodywork • Blue four-piece lightweight gel coat finish fiberglass bodywork. • High-downforce composite front diffuser with towing eye & central brake ducts connecting carbon composite brake and hub cooling shrouds. • Removable high nose front section. • Composite side pods with air management system & radiator inlet. • Composite side-skirts. • High-downforce front dive plane upgrade. • High-downforce dual element rear wing upgrade. • Upgraded brake light set • Carbon composite high-downforce bi-plane rear wing. • New high-downforce lowered deck angle rear diffuser Cockpit • Carbon fiber upgraded...

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Posted 5 months ago by Joe Vask

Bought the car and never got to drive it. Local track closed most of last year. Have record sheet on car from Team Stradale , where I bought the car.  Rest of description in the pictures.

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Posted 5 months ago by Francesco D'Avola

2004 Radical SR3 Super Sport 1500cc   Chassis SR3 00179 Powertec Engine Dry Sump Kit Fuel injection Front and Rear Tow Hooks SR3 STANDARD FEATURES ENGINE Upgraded RPE-Suzuki 1500cc 4-cylinder dry sump oil system MBE ECU Hour meter shows 47.4 hours TRANSMISSION Six-speed sequential gearbox Quaife final drive and limited-slip differential Rear-wheel-drive SUSPENSION Fully adjustable Nik-link suspension system, front and rear unequal length top and bottom wishbones, fabricated uprights, forged centre locked hubs and interchangeable roll bars Bespoke Intrax triple adjustable dampers TYRES Bespoke slick tyre Bespoke wet tyre DIMENSIONS Length: 4077 mm Width: 1799 mm Height: 1093 mm FEATURES Two seater chassis High down force, lightweight fibreglass bodywork LMP inspired highly aerodynamic CAD design Carbon Composite dashboard featuring a dash mounted brake bias adjuster Aluminium, foam filled 77L fuel tank Radical centre lock, cast aluminium wheels – 8″ × 15″ dia. front and 10.5" × 16" dia. rears Full fire extinguisher system Wind deflector

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Posted 6 months ago by Rolf Figenskau

2002 Radical SR3 in excellent condition.  Car owned, driven and maintained by Pius Eigenmann from 2009-2018.  This is an accident free car used for D.E. track days with no issues what so ever.  I decided to move up to a 2014 but hesitate to sell this car because it is a joy to drive!  *Suzuki 1300cc motor rated at 205 bhp (10,500 rpm).  *5-speed sequential transverse gear box, with reverse.  *Right hand drive, two seater, purpose built race car.  *Powder-coated carbon steel spaceframe chassis.  *All original red gelcoat fiberglass bodywork.  *Composite adjustable driver and passenger seat.  *HANS compatible seat belts and head restraint on drivers side.  *Manually activated gas fire extinguisher system.  *Dash mounted brake bias adjuster.  *Fully adjustable Nik-link suspension system front and rear.  *Factory air-jack system.  *Radical four-pot calipers front and rear.  *280MM diameter discs front and rear.  *Factory center lock aluminum wheels with newer Hoosier tires.  Includes extra lightweight hood in new condition.  Contact Rolf Figenskau for more details  320-444-0461        

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Posted 6 months ago by John Carvalho

2011 RADICAR SR8 RX 2.700cc, 460 HP. Zero Hours runtime since last engine overhaul. Brand New Gearbox. Mint condition. all paperwork available from Radical UK. Must sell

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Posted 8 months ago by Ronald Dijkstra

1998 Radical 1100 club sport. Newly painted in White. Newer Kawasaki 1100 engine. New tyres. Starts, drives and shift gear as it should . New pictures in new color coming soon.

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Posted 9 months ago by Jesse M

Radical have primarily offered two alternator version for the SR8: the basic model (that works fine in colder climates but has a shorter life span) McLaren Technologies bespoke alternator developed primarily for USA & other "hot climates". High endurance, light weight, high performance. It's brilliant, it's made by McLaren and it's pricey. Retail is around $3,000 plus internation shipping etc. Although I've seen friends get quoted as much as $8,000. I sold my cars, this is my spare, new in box, asking $2,495

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Posted 1 year ago by Mauri Micky

Radical PR6 Pro Sport for sales in excellent conditions. 1340cc engine year 2014 ready to race Location: Ajman, United Arab Emirates

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Posted 2 years ago by Craig Hugill

I’m selling my my radical sr3, I bought it last year with all intentions to start doing some track days but family life/work have got in the way. I’m now selling some of my cars to put towards a property. It’s currently got my business logo and various vinyl on it to give it an eye catching look but these can soon be removed to look like the other pics. It’s a used hill climb car so does have some war wounds but all in all it’s a class winning car and comes with various spares. Below is the spec I got given before I bought it. Collection from Filey, North Yorkshire. More info/pics can be sent on request. £20000 ovno. No trailer included so would need to be transported from my place. This can be arranged if a sale is made. Radical SR3 Tracksport Radicals 2002 Press Car as featured in EVO, CCC and Car Magazines. The car originally had a Kawasaki ZZR 1100 engine and this was replaced in 2004 with a Hayabusa RPE Powertec 1400cc engine from the factory. The car was set up for Hillclimbs and the suspension was redesigned by Allan Staniforth to include conventional...

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Posted 2 years ago by Sean Wagner

Great condition, runs perfect, comes complete with another set of wheels and rain tires.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UYiIPBRe7Yo&t=6s

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2016 SR3


Posted 2 years ago by Winslow Mankin

SR3 chassis number 1029 is a left hand drive car with engine 1500-672. It is a blue car with an orange stripe and has the optional air jacks, Intrax triple adjustable dampers, dry-break fueling, and fuel pump out. Driven by Tad Cusack in the 2018 Radical cup at Laguna Seca in October. Supported by Moorespeed.

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2002 Radical SR3


Posted 2 years ago by Gord Ross

For sale 2002 Radical SR3, fully rebuilt and race ready. We’ve moved on to other projects and would like to see the car move to a new owner. The car was stripped to a bare frame and rebuilt under the supervision of Britain West Motorsports. All suspension components blasted and re-plated. Parts powder coated as necessary. New bushings. AN hardware used throughout. New wheel bearings. Rebuilt gear drive unit with new bearings. Radical dash with stand alone gear indicator. Pi data acquisition system. One piece Speedline wheels. Wilwood brakes. New master cylinders. Willans 6pt harness valid through 2020. Bodywork repaired and professionally painted. Dual plane rear wing. 1300 Suzuki approx. 50 hours. New HD driveshafts. Spare motor, complete spare nose and front dive planes included Only one race weekend since rebuild. targaracer@gmail.com  or 519-532-7429 for more pictures or information

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Posted 3 years ago by Simon Green

2017 Radical SR3 RSX Low use from new having only competed 30 hours track time in its entire life and only around 15 hours on a refreshed RPE engine. Car has only ever been used for track days and never raced. £49,495.00 ono Contact Simon@simongreenmotorsport.com or tel: 01480 454074 Mobile: 07771 392993 for more information SR3 RSX STANDARD FEATURES: ENGINE Gen 4 RPE-Suzuki 1500cc 4-cylinder dry sump oil system with oil pre-heater Latest Life Racing ECU TRANSMISSION Six-speed sequential gearbox Formula 1TM ‘style’ paddle-activated gearshift system with auto-blipper Quaife final drive and limited-slip differential Rear-wheel-drive SUSPENSION Fully adjustable Nik-link suspension system, front and rear unequal length top and bottom wishbones, fabricated uprights, forged centre locked hubs and interchangeable roll bars Bespoke Intrax fully adjustable 3 dampers TYRES 1 x set of Dunlop Wets – low usage 2 x sets of Dunlop Slicks – both under 90 mins use DIMENSIONS Length: 4077 mm Width: 1799 mm Height: 1093 mm FEATURES Two-seater chassis – currently fitted with single seat option High down force, lightweight fibreglass bodywork LMP inspired highly aerodynamic CAD design Carbon Composite dashboard featuring a dash mounted brake bias adjuster AIM MXL2 display unit with LED rev counter, gear indicator, shift...

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Prosport hayabusa


Posted 3 years ago by Doug Ritchie

One of the last prosports to leave radical originally built to race in sweden. As it was a late prosport many PR6 parts were used. Bought last year by myself i took to scotland to use in sprints and hillclimbs. Fantastic trackday car. Powertec hayabusa 1340 healthy engine. Running flat side race carbs. Unsure of hours but not many im my ownership. 2 spare sets of wheels and various tyres. Wets slicks inters. Spare sprockets chain plugs Comes with uncovered twin axle ifor williams trailer with electric winch and tyre rack. cover and hugger cover. Car is running great. Recent new fluids, sparkplugs and new battery. Carbs were rebuilt and tested at extreme engines. The car is ready for action. Front splitter to a knock at oulton park chicane but purely costmetic. Not got the time to rectify it.   Work and family force an unwanted sale. 07894431766 doug121177@hotmail.com

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PR6 1500


Posted 3 years ago by Christian Broberg

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