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by Richard Fabacher

2016 Radical SR3 RSX Chassis 01028 Radical SR3 chassis number 1028 is left hand drive. Two seater.  The engine serial number is 1340-384 and the car has the optional headlights, air jacks, dry-break fueling, and Intrax triple adjustable dampers. Driven by Jordan Missing in the 2018 Radical Cup at Laguna Seca in October. The car was supported by Team Stradale.  In March 2021 the car was located at Team Stradale near Chicago and has a black and green wrap. I purchased the car from Team Stradale in November. No time to use it like it should be. New full engine rebuild plus numerous new mechanical improvements. Contact me for more precise info. Zero track hours and approx 1.5 run time hours while i owned the car with the new rebuilds. Will assist with shipping.

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$, £, C$, A$, €, $AUD 55,000.00

by Robert Dupuis

Chassis NO:#SR300384 -1500cc Suzuki Engine -Manually Shifted 6 Speed Sequential Gearbox -280mm Oversized Floating Front and Standard Rear Brakes -Fuel Injection Jenvey 41mm Throttle Bodies -Avo Single Adjustable Shocks -Le Mans Style Carbon Rear View Mirrors -Dry Sump Oiling System -Hot Weather Cooling System -3 Piece Kodiak Wide Wheel Set -Quaife Diff. Gear Drive unit -Radical Sportscars Dash -Racing Radios Base Station -Full Unit Re-fresh in 2023 Including New Seat Belts installed, Engine Starter replaced, Gear Drive Unit serviced, and Oil change

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$, £, C$, A$, €, $AUD 35,000.00

by Jon M

Radical SR3 Supersport for sale with fresh engine and Gear Drive Unit (GDU).  This car was owned by the same person from early 2004 until 2022, then owned by Charlie H who went throught the car before being sold to me in late 2022.  The this ad duplicates what Charlie originally posted.  It has not been driven since as other life priorities intervened.  The RPE 1500cc fuel injected engine was overhauled by George Dean Racing Engines and only has “break in hours” on it.  The car is in very good condition and is a great bargain for someone that wants a great car for a reasonable price.  It does have some chips and minor cracks that you would expect to see in a race car.   The car has a new axle on the left hand side and comes with an spare set of used axles, a quick lift jack, and an extra set of new brake rotors.  The seat belt and fire extinguisher are serviceable for track days but would have to be replaced / certified for racing.

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$, £, C$, A$, €, $AUD 26,000.00

by Antonio Cancel

Great 2021 SR3 1340 XX for sale:   Price includes everything-If you want Just the car with none of the upgrades or spares then the price is $62000.00   Brand new RPE 1340"X"  motor installed May 2023 with approximately 42 hours and 21 hours of load time Center Cockpit with Raised steering column 3 sets of wheels with good tires on them( ( extra 2 sets of wheels are $4.4K)-One set was just a session from new Airjacks with Lance Full LED lights  Engine Oil Preheater/Radiator fan Carbon dive planes New generation 2023 AIM Smarty Cam 3 GP 1080P camera/datalogger ($2k upgrade) New Motorola CM200D radio with PTT on AIM steering wheel Quiet and Loud Muffler Tire Pressure and Temp monitoring TPMS Sensors-on two of the three sets of wheels Intrax triple adjustment shocks Intrax single adjustment shocks also Custom wrap with logo's being removed this week. Fresh oil change/ service Fresh set up from Wisko from Sebring in Jan Fuel sampling kit All four uprights have been changed in the last 1.5 years Great open checkbook maintenance done at Wisko Racing new rear diffuser Extra rear end gear sets-3.23 in car now and 3.03 included Extra extra springs for...

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$, £, C$, A$, €, $AUD 72,000.00

by Chris Mears

2019 SR3 1340 rebuilt at 95 hrs currently 132 total hrs on car 2 sets wheels 2 brand new sets tires $75,000 Chris 480-273-6908

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$, £, C$, A$, €, $AUD 75,000.00

by GroupARacing

2024 Radical SR3 XXR, brand new, just came into the country and ready to hit the track immediately. Car has latest and greatest updates including the cockpit safety structure, aka halo. Ideal for novice to seasoned racing drivers alike, the Radical SR3 is the world's best selling race car for a reason. Launched with more power and precision, the latest XXR edition of the SR3 improves on the legendary SR3 formula to enable drivers to lap faster, harder and for longer. The SR3 is available with either a 1340cc or 1500cc four-cylinder hand-built RPE racing engine to suit the driver's preference. Both are driven through a six-speed sequential gearbox with paddle shift and Quaife limited-slip differential, and are coupled with a new-generation racing exhaust system. The SR3 XXR continues to offer AiM’s solid-state technology including a suite of data options and technology to help Radical drivers be the fastest on the race track. It also retains AiM’s popular Formula steering wheel technology, akin to those usually seen in high-level single-seater racing cars and Le Mans Prototypes. Car Specs: 1340CC Engine Cockpit safety structure (Halo) Padded head surround Left Hand Drive 2 seater Passenger and driver seat pads Passenger and driver...

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$, £, C$, A$, €, $AUD 131,000.00

by GroupARacing

2024 Radical SR3 XXR, brand new, just came into the country and ready to hit the track immediately. Car has latest and greatest updates including the cockpit safety structure, aka halo. Ideal for novice to seasoned racing drivers alike, the Radical SR3 is the world's best selling race car for a reason. Launched with more power and precision, the latest XXR edition of the SR3 improves on the legendary SR3 formula to enable drivers to lap faster, harder and for longer. The SR3 is available with either a 1340cc or 1500cc four-cylinder hand-built RPE racing engine to suit the driver's preference. Both are driven through a six-speed sequential gearbox with paddle shift and Quaife limited-slip differential, and are coupled with a new-generation racing exhaust system. The SR3 XXR continues to offer AiM’s solid-state technology including a suite of data options and technology to help Radical drivers be the fastest on the race track. It also retains AiM’s popular Formula steering wheel technology, akin to those usually seen in high-level single-seater racing cars and Le Mans Prototypes. Car Specs: 1500CC Engine Cockpit safety structure (Halo) Padded head surround Left Hand Drive 2 seater Passenger and driver seat pads Passenger and driver...

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$, £, C$, A$, €, $AUD 142,500.00

by Robert Burgess

2023 SR10 XXR For Sale Black Bodywork, Left Hand Drive Two Seater Chassis Cockpit Safety Structure Enhanced AiM Data Pack (SmartyCam, Brake and Steering Sensors) Convenience Pack (Fuel Drain Kit, Trickle Charger) Carbon Pack (Dive Planes, Splitter, Diffuser, Dashboard) Composite Halo Head rest Tyre Pressure/Temperature Monitor Passenger Belts and Head rest Only 10 hours total from new, very well equipped and 100% track ready, competitively priced at $159900, please contact us for more details.

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$, £, C$, A$, €, $AUD 159,900.00

by Robert Burgess

2022 Radical SR3 XX 1500, Chassis Number SR301403, Yellow body work fully wrapped in White/blue livery, Center Seat Driving Position. 100% track ready with 25 hours on 1500cc engine. This is a race winning car that was driven by Robert Soroka in the 2023 Blue Marble Radical Cup series, ultimately finishing 4th in the Championship. It's very well set-up and maintained, asking $95900 USD, please contact us for further details.

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$, £, C$, A$, €, $AUD 95,900.00

by Christian Del Guidice

2016 Radical SR3 RSX in excellent condition. Recently undergone over $30,000 in documented service and engine complete engine overhaul. Car is 100% race ready and will need nothing for a long time. All work performed by Spring Mountain Motorsports in NV. Car is loaded with factory options including, air jack system, carbon fiber Le Mans style mirrors, full carbon fiber rear wing, headlight kit, race radios installed, carbon fiber dashboard, driver and passenger seat cushions, camera system, etc.. Recent race prep items include new racing harness belts, brand new Harmon fuel cell, updated fire suppression system, new Michelin dry weather tires, etc... Spares include second set of wheels and tires (tires need replacement), quiet exhaust (sport exhaust currently installed), nitrogen tank for air jack system, flat jack to lift car w/o air jacks, other misc parts... Full folder of service records and documentation for the car also included. Car was never raced for competition, only used for track days. It's extremely clean and 100% ready to go! Please email or call with any questions.

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$, £, C$, A$, €, $AUD 74,900.00

by Lenny Tumenas

2022 Blue Marble Championship winning car for sale. Car delivered with the following  - central seating position, convenience pack which includes racing fuel sampling/drain kit, trickle charger and jump starter package, carbon composite high downforce front dive planes, hot climate rear brake cooling, enhanced data pack with AIM smartycam video with GPS and brake pressure and steering logging, suspension logging sensors, gear shift light, forward facing stay head protectors Halo head restraint.  2022/2023 Updates: updated upright and brake package, updated bell housing, raised steering column, high downforce louvers, race logic timing, , new front brake rotors - before RA, and new hafl shaft assembly, before RA. Race ready for COTA round of Blue marble cup.

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$, £, C$, A$, €, $AUD 155,000.00

by Lenny Tumenas

DESCRIPTION   Rare Opportunity to purchase a like new Radical SR10 available for immediate delivery - This car is set up and ready to race.   Chassis #59 Engine On-Load Time - 2.6hrs  - Total Run Time 4.7hrs Billet Upright and Brake Upgrade just installed with zero run time. AIM Data / Camera upgrade package installed   STANDARD EQUIPMENT ENGINE RPE-Ford 2261cc, 425bhp & 380ft-Ib, turbocharged engine with direct injection, twin-independent variable cam timing and drive-by-wire throttle Custom Garrett turbocharger Forged motorsport pistons, connecting rods and bespoke dry-sump system Latest Life Racing ECU with detailed interrogation function for maintenance and analysis High-flow racing exhaust system POWERTRAIN Six-speed Hewland sequential transaxle Radical developed paddle-activated gearshift system with auto-blipper Automatic torque-biasing limited slip differential Mid-engined, rear-wheel-drive SUSPENSION Fully adjustable Nik-link suspension system, front and rear unequal length top and bottom wishbones, fabricated uprights, front and rear adjustable pushrods Lightweight cast aluminium updated uprights providing an improvement in durability Interchangeable roll bars Intrax triple-adjustable dampers with Anti-Roll Control (ARC) technology BRAKING Radical four-pot calipers on 315mm x 35mm front & rear fully-floating 48-vane disc brakes Front & rear brake cooling COCKPIT Two-seater chassis with single center seat option, optimized for use with a molded...

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$, £, C$, A$, €, $AUD 175,000.00

by GroupARacing

2020 Radical SR3 XX, Chassis 01295. This car was imported October 2020, first on track January 2021. This car is our dealerships first ever demo car and has been nothing but a tremendous machine with great history. The car has entered 4 NASA races winning 3 of the 4., the last time it was entered in Radical Cup it got the pole and won, this car has the all time track record at Pineview Run, it has unofficially broke the SCCA track record at NJMP by 3.2 seconds and broke the all time NASA track record. All the car has done is been a reliable sewing machine, win and reset track records. A part of me is wondering why we are offering this for sale given the history of this car, this is by far the best used SR3 available on the market. The car has just had a big make over with fresh 0 hour motor, 0 hour GDU, axles rebuilt, calipers rebuilt and more! Car Specs: 2020 SR3 XX Left Hand Drive Cockpit Safety Halo Upgrade Raised Steering Wheel Update White 1500 Motor with X Bearing update - 0 hours - fresh from Spring Mountain GDU fresh with...

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$, £, C$, A$, €, $AUD 75,000.00

by Alex Papadopulos

This 2012 Radical SR8 RX race car is powered by a 2.7-liter RPX V8 paired with a six-speed sequential transaxle. Features include fiberglass bodywork finished in white, an adjustable rear wing, a roll bar, 15″ and 16″ center-lock wheels, a fire-suppression system, a carbon-fiber dashboard, an AiM MXL digital dashboard, and a Sparco steering wheel. The car was acquired by the seller in 2019, and subsequent work included an engine rebuild, gearbox service, and a replacement fuel cell as well as suspension and braking components. This Radical is now offered in Texas on a bill of sale with four spare wheels and service records. The SR8 is built using a carbon steel space frame, and this car’s fiberglass bodywork is finished in white with green accents. Equipment includes an adjustable rear wing, a roll bar, a front splitter, a rear diffuser, side splitters, and front and rear tow loops, carbon-fiber canards, and carbon-fiber side mirrors. Grey-painted center-lock wheels measure 15″ in diameter up front and 16″ out back, and they are mounted with Hankook Ventus racing slick tires. The fully adjustable suspension utilizes Intrax adjustable coilovers at all four corners. Braking is provided by slotted discs with cockpit-adjustable bias between...

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$, £, C$, A$, €, $AUD 60,000.00

by Spring Mountain

This 2018 Radical SR3RSX 1500cc is perfect for motorsports enthusiasts. This race car provides exceptional power and performance, with nothing comparable in its class - the perfect choice for drivers looking for the thrill of speed. Engine Hours: 20.4 Chassis Hours: 413.3 Chassis No: #SR301149 Vehicle Specs: Center Seat Drive 1500cc Suzuki Engine Life Paddle-Shift With Auto-Blipper Wet Sump Oiling System 280mm Oversized Floating Front and Rear Brakes Hot Weather Cooling System Fuel Injection Jenvey 45mm Throttle Bodies Radical Center Lock One Piece Intrax Triple Adiustable Shocks ARC Quaife 6 Speed Sequential Gearbox Bi-plane Carbon Fiber high-downforce rear wing AIM Sports MXL2 Dash Carbon Composite Twin Front Dive Planes High Down Force Front And Rear Diffuser Brake Pressure Sensors Installed Le Mans Style Carbon Rear View Mirrors Radio Harness & PTT Button AIM Smarty Camera System Geartronics Gear Indicator Manual Fire Extinguisher

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$, £, C$, A$, €, $AUD 50,000.00

by Damon Mattson

2013 Radical SR3 RS number 794. Ready to go! 2 seat, left hand drive. Professionally maintained and stored at Radical Northwest / Cameron Racing at  Sonoma raceway. Full service records for past 3 years. 1500cc long stroke engine. The car has Intrax triple adjustable dampers, paddle shift with auto blip, front and rear floating brake rotors, carbon bi-plane wing and carbon Le Mans mirrors, carbon dive planes,  AIM SmartyCam and track GPS, fire suppression system, head restraint, and carbon dash. Recent service includes GDU service, new battery, shift linkage adjustment, new fluids, belts updated to current FIA, newer Pirelli tires, oil change, and gear oil change. 28 hours total on engine since last rebuild. Track days only, no races.

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$, £, C$, A$, €, $AUD 36,500.00

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by Mika Finger

Over $20k+ spent within the past year to update and restore the car to make it as safe and reliable as possible on track. Brand new engine and gearbox freshly built with only 4 track day hours on both. Work done by both Rilltech and Comprent Motorsports. Multiple racing winning car with SCCA logbook. Comes with spare package. This car will deliver the same performance as a Radical SR1 or Rush SR at a THIRD of the price. Faster than most $100k+ super cars. Bodywork does have cracks, scratches, chips etc Great track day car or can race either SCCA P2 or NASA Unlimited 30-45min sessions are no problem. Car is in complete working order with absolutely no mechanical faults or issues. Ready to fuel up and go. Will sell enclosed trailer for an extra $6k. Driving Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZR5CSylWa0A BRAND NEW ITEMS (With Receipts) Engine/Gearbox Penske 3 Way Adjustable Shocks Front upper and lower control arms Fuel Cell Fire Extinguisher System Fuel, Coolant and Oil Lines. Wilwood Calipers, Pads, and Fluid Extra Large Oil Cooler Exhaust System (passes 93dbs at 50ft) Large Wing SPECS: Power: 182hp/105tq Weight: 1000lbs Gen 1 Suzuki Hayabusa 1300cc Dyno Jet Power Commander 6 Runs a...

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$, £, C$, A$, €, $AUD 28,000.00

by Robert Butler

This highly optioned 1340 SR3 serial #495 is now available and looking for a new home.  It was maintained and based with Spring Mountain since 2014.  Nice race/track day Radical for some lucky enthusiast.  I can help with delivery for expenses somewhere in central or south east U.S. 135 hrs on chassis. 1 hr.since refresh on original rpe engine #200 Brake pressure and chassis suspension sensors. smarty cam, pre wired for Motorola radio, upgraded fire suppression system, upgraded wiring harness with life ecu. Radiator fan, oil tank heater, intrax triple adjustment shocks, heavy duty axles, 280mm floating rotors, air jacks, spinsafe clutch, transponder, recent:  engine refresh, 4 new uprights, rebuilt brake calipers and master cylinders (3), new pads. I’m not a dealer or a shop. I have had a radical for some time and obtained this one for an acquaintance that has since moved on.  This radical should indeed sell itself.  All offers and interesting trades welcomed.  

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$, £, C$, A$, €, $AUD 39,000.00

by Frédéric Sturbois

Now you have the chance to acquire one of the few Radical RXC Coupé that is street legal (REGISTERED IN SWEEDEN). One of the funniest cars you can drive on a regular road. How close to a Le Mans car you can get, which can also be driven legally on the road. This is the car that tracks the Porsche, Ferrari etc on the track and attracts the eye at the car meeting. Engine Ford V6 Ti-VCT 24 valve 3.700cc DOHC engine of 380 HP, with dry sump. Equipment: - 7 speed Quaife gearbox - FIA Spec tube frame with crash box front & rear - Fiberglass body with all aero in carbon fiber - Plastic windows with opening - FIA Corbeau seats with 6 point belts for both driver and passenger - 70 liter foam-filled fuel tank - 4 way adjustable dampers - This car also has a Lifting Kit - Air conditioning. - 350 mm front brakes & 310 mm rear brakes - The car was built in 2015 and road registered in 2020. Car is at the moment in Sweeden. +32475578282 fs@vldplus.com

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$, £, C$, A$, €, $AUD 110,000.00

by Hans Bliss

2016 Radical SR3 RSX, like new, completely restored. Car is the only one in the country with feather light carbon fiber body. 1255 lbs with airjacks.  1340cc four cylinder RPE racing engine with low hours. Six speed sequential gearbox with paddle shift and Quaife limited-slip differential. The SR3 AiM’s MXL2 with full suspension and engine logging paired with gps09 to help drivers be the fastest on the race track. High visibility LMP Prototypes Mirrors and Shark Fin. Car has 2023 Omologato Livery. This car stands up next to others don't miss the opportunity!!!  

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$, £, C$, A$, €, $AUD 75,000.00

by will Dre

RXC 600R spyder is Radicals top-tier racecar offering. The '600R spyder' designations means a significant weight savings and more visceral open cockpit design than its very capable little brother. Car is powered with the Ford Eco-Boost twin turbo motor mated to the Quaife/RPE paddle shifted sequential. Receipts for 12k of transmission service from Radical NW on hand that was done less than 1 hour of running ago. The motor is dry sumped from Radical and has been refreshed with a brand new pump belt, accessory belt and fresh Motul oil change. Oil tank and includes a oil heater attached to the tank with the plug run conveniently into the cabin. The separate RXC oil level tool will be included in the sale. Electronics are handled by a LIFE racing ECU in a full motor sports booted and sealed loom. The road based motor means plenty of reliable power without the short rebuild times required by the v8 or motorcycle powered derivations. This RXC 600R comes with a full AIM suite of onboard and logging info through a Radical/AIM 9 inch color screen with warning lights and customizable page layouts. Also wired in is a camera set to record automatically video...

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$, £, C$, A$, €, $AUD 120,000.00

by Ionut Mocanu

Like New, Low milage -2047 km      

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$, £, C$, A$, €, $AUD 85,000.00

by Ben Jacobs

For Sale Like New Radical 1340 XX Left Hand Drive Dual seat Serial #1419 delivered summer 2022 Dealer maintained, used for a handful of track days 1300 miles, never spun or off track Fully loaded and includes the new chassis improvements like raised steering column and halo mounting points Factory options: -Quiet and Loud muffler package -radiator fan -engine oil preheater -carbon composite dual dive planes -intrax triple adjustable shocks -AIM Smarty Cam with GPS -Brake Pressure and Steering logging sensors -Tire pressure and temperature monitoring -20 Gallon FIA Fuel Cell -Fuel Sampling/drain kit -forward facing stay head protectors -carbon halo head restraint -passenger belts and headrest -driver and passenger padded seat inserts -upgraded billet uprights -halo ready chassis -raised steering column -dry fit factory cover Additional added features: -Pre wired for Motorola radio -pre wired for Garmin Catalyst -California customs rain cover -Custom wrap and graphics Optional extras: -Extra wheels -New sticker tires -Spares package -Lift and large torque wrench Please contact Ben @ 920-574-5178

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$, £, C$, A$, €, $AUD 89,900.00

by Ben Higgs

Radical SR3 RS 2011 Chassis no. 610 1500cc long stroke engine with 13 running hours. GDU refreshed with 13 running hours Paddleshift 3 way Intrax adjustable dampers High downforce kit with carbon dive planes Carbon bi-plane wing Floating disc brakes 24v starting system Engine oil preheater Fuel Sample fitting Air jacks Dual Instructor Pedal Box Alcantara Quick-release steering wheel Recent work carried out includes new ECU battery, new rose joints and full geo by North Motorsport. The fluids have been changed and the car is ready to use. Spares package available. High res pictures available with bodywork on/off, can email at request. Any questions please get in touch. Thanks

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$, £, C$, A$, €, $AUD 26,995.00

by Calvin DeMore-mack

Radical SR3 chassis number 0942 is a white car with a 1340cc RPE engine (1340-404). Engine just returned from RPE certified rebuild. Less than 4 hours recorded since rebuild and every hour is documented. It is a right hand drive car with adjustable dampers, loud exhaust, sparco steering wheel, engine oil heater, radiator fan, fuel pump out, and AIM GPS/Smartycam. In January 2022 the car was completely serviced with new suspension components, fresh 1340 cc engine and front nose, splitter and rear body work. This SR3 is ready for the local track or Radical Cup racing. Specifics are too long to list so call today to get the complete list of features included on this SR3. Crown Concepts has this on SR3 on display in our Showroom, and we can be reached at 1-520-900-7586, Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., and we even will do Facetime walkarounds for customers who can't make it to Tucson. Don't miss the next race, get this SR3 today and win the next race or have all the fun you want on track days.

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by Jose Palomo

Car full spec with perfect conditions of bodyworks, including carbon fiber rear wing (bi-plane). Includes AIM Camera for coaching, AIM data logger, airjacks, paddle-shift with auto-blipper, floating disc 300mm at the front, brake bias adjuster, 3 ways intrax shock absorber, FIA 76L fuel tank... Service done: Engine with only 10h since rebuild at Radical Factory. Full inspection has been carried out now, new seals to avoid leaks. New engine oil 15w50 and filter. Gearbox just rebuild, all seals and o-rings new, first and second gear pinions new, bearing main plate new, 3 drive-discs news and gearbox oil. All tolerance and alignement of the pinions done. Clutch has been inspected and it is in good conditions. Full spanner check following Radical guidelines, tigteningh torque, fluids and set-up. Car is fit with the quite silencer, but there is an option for make straighth pipe exhaust (ask for it) Extra set of wet tires and rims for 1.500€

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$, £, C$, A$, €, $AUD 55,000.00

by Brian Degulis

2021 Radical SR10 This is Radicals newest and most sought after car see specifications here     https://www.radicalmotorsport.com/downloads/radical-sr10-information-pack Equipped with the following 1)Left hand drive 2)carbon composite high force down planes 3) air jack system 4) race tyre pressure and temperature monitoring system 5)enhanced data pack 6)forward facing stay head protectors 7)carbon composite halo head restraint 8)passenger belts and headrest 9)stone guard protection   425 HP ford eco boost coupled to a rugged hewland transmission. All the performance with low maintenance and great longevity. This car has never been raced. light track day use only always professionally maintained. Mechanicaly near perfect cosmetically a 9.5. Approximately 40 loaded hours just serviced no issues ready to hit the track. Save some money and spare yourself the wait on this track weapon Will deliver within 300 miles of Tampa FL and include 1 day of track support. Priced to sell @ $152,500 Call or text Brian @ 941 238 8016

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$, £, C$, A$, €, $AUD 127,500.00

by Mark Thomson

For sale my stunning condition 2011 Radical SR3 RS, chassis No 610, long stroke 1500cc engine running approx 260 Bhp. This car only has 9 hours on a Fully documented refreshed engine & GDU. The car has the newer SR3 alloy wheels with Hankook slicks which have only done 2 track days from new. The car has just returned from North Motorsport having had engine & Gdu service, new rose joints & geometry set up. The car was sold from new to a racectrack in Cyprus & used as an instructors car, then on to 2 owners in England who used it for track days, finally sold to me & I have only done 2 track days in it. The car has never been raced & solely used as a toy. Ready to race or play with straight away. Only selling due to purchase of an SR8. Located in Falkirk, Central Scotland and looking for £29,750 for this.

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$, £, C$, A$, €, $AUD 29,750.00

by Noel Marsh

Radical 2011 Road Registered SR3 RS with full body RSX upgrade with litronic head lights with LED light front and rear 1500cc race engine has just had a complete winter  rebuild over 7K with all bills to prove no expense spared. GDU has only done 6 hrs since complete rebuild all bearings/seals and forward  gear plus new oil pump. This car is fully Road Registered with V5 log book and MOT very very rare car as I believe it to be the only road registered RSX in the world because of the body change in 2015 this was one of the very last SR3 cars to be Road registered by Radical before the SVA test tightened up so it was then not possible to achieve after that. I have owned this car since late 2013 it’s only ever done trackdays and never crashed, I’ve always maintained the car to a very high standard with no expense spared. The car is based in South West England UK please PM me or phone on 0044 1305 889079 or 0044 7968 727095 for more details  

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$, £, C$, A$, €, $AUD 37,750.00

by Charles Hubbard

2012 Radical SR3. Left hand drive.  Paddle shift. Zero hours rebuild on 1500 CC motor and transmission by Spring Mountain. Differential overhaul by WISKO. APPROX 140 hours on chassis. Third owner, second owner put about 22 miles on car. Former spare car for WISKO. 12 rims, 8 good tires. Custom chassis dolly. Custom spreader bar. Lifting slings. New two piece brake rotors, new brake pads, all four corners. Rebuilt calipers all four corners, new pistons, new "o" rings. New starter, new air shift box. New hoses. New fluids. New oil cooler. New fuel supply and return lines. Car has run a 2:02 at VIR in 2021, prior to rebuild. Cleanest 2012 SR3 around. Many spare parts. Shipping extra. PRICED REDUCED 5%, NOW FOR SALE $71,250.00

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$, £, C$, A$, €, $AUD 71,250.00

by Francesco D'Avola

Center seat and highly competitive SR3 is up for sale through Team Stradale. Raced at Autobahn in member racing along with Radical Cup. Winning car.

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$, £, C$, A$, €, $AUD 85,000.00