Year ProducedChassis Serial NumberPicture / Info LinkNotesSource
2013SA9RXCLCNDP207001 Pictures / Info LinkRadical RXC Chassis number SA9RXCLCNDP207001 was the first RXC built. The attached picture was taken on the Factory floor in January 2013 the day assembly was complete.Radical Sportscar Registry
2013SA9RXCLCNDP207008Pictures / Info LinkWhite V6 Spring Mountain
2013SA9RXCLCNDP207010Pictures / Info LinkOrange RXC Ford 3.7L engine. Stret legal in
2013SA9RXCLC3DP207018Pictures / Info LinkRed coupe wraped with red and white and blue accents with stars on the hood. Ford Cyclone V6 Ti-VCT, 24 valve 3700cc. 70 L foam filled aluminum fuel tank. Located in Houston
2015SA9RXCRETFP207006Pictures / Info LinkRadical RXC Chassis number SA9RXCRETFP207006 is a black car with a 3.5L RPE-Ford EcoBoost V6 twin turbo with 450hp. In April 2019 the car was located in Loughborough UK.Hamilton Grays
2015SA9RXCLETEP207016Picture / Info LinkRadical RXC chassis number SA9RXCLETEP207016 is a Black car with blue accents and a 3.5L twin turbo engine. The car was delivered in March of 2015 and has a certificate of origin. The original owner was in Tennessee and the second owner purchased the car in Houston Texas and then moved to Lancaster PA. The car has been used for track days and has not been raced. In March 2020 the car was located in Sonoma CA and had been significantly upgraded to include the new air intercoolers and ECU power upgrades. Radical Sportscar Registry
2015SA9RXCRETFP207020Pictures / Info LinkRadical RXC Turbo GT3 chassis number SA9RXCRETFP207020 Is a red car that is street legal in the UK.Google Reviews
2016SA9RXCLETGP207016Pictures / Info LinkRCX Turbo 500R. Carbon with orange /
2016SA9RXCLE7GP207011Pictures / Info LinkThis Radical RXC turbo is white with blue graphics and a Ford EcoBoost V6 twin turbo engine. In February 2019 the car was located in Houston Texas and had 5 hours on the
2016SA9RXCLETGP207019Pictures / Info LinkRadical RXC Chassis number SA9RXCLETGP207019 is a carbon fiber turbo 500R. It has a Ford EcoBoost V6 Ti-VCT 3500cc engine that produces 600hp and 465 ftlbs of torque. In April 2019 the car was located in Houston
2017SA9RXCLETHP207007Pictures / Info LinkBlack with Gold accents. RCX Turbo 600R. 2000TH Radical built. The car is located in
2017SA9RXCLETHP207003RXC SA9RXCLETHP207003This is one of the first two RXCs imported into China. Radical China and Xtreme Motorsports won the China GT series with this car and SA9RXCLETHP207005.Radical Sportscars
2017SA9RXCLETHP207005Pictures / Info LinkThis is one of the first two RXCs imported into China. Radical China and Xtreme Motorsports won the China GT series with this car and SA9RXCLETHP207003. Radical Sportscars
2018SA9RXCLETJP207005Pictures / Info LinkThis 2018 RXC 600r was sold by Primal Racing to a member of Atlanta Motorsports Park. Every carbon fiber option was selected for the car and was made street legal in the US. This RXC was part of a large scale project with Gtechniq North America to launch their new product, HALO. A number of detailers from the Southeast came to AMP and spent around 18 hours stripping the car down to bare carbon, applying the design, color correcting, applying Crystal Serum Ultra ceramic coating, and HALO. The car has been tracked very little and all maintenance work is being done and recorded by Racing Analytics at Atlanta Motorsports Park. Easily one of the most gorgeous looking RXC’s to be built!Radical Sportscar Regsitry
2019SA9RXCLETKP207003Pictures / Info LinkThis 2019 RXC is a black car that was originally sold by Radical Northwest. This car has 650 HP, Bosch ABS w/ Traction control, electric side mirrors, air conditioning, electric radiator fan, reverse camera system, AIM Smartycam with GPS, headlights, brake sensors, heated front windshield, Intrax triple adjustable dampers, and carbon fiber front and rear diffusers and front dive planes.Radical Sportscar Registry