Ask Phil #12 – Hi Phil, my car is an early Radical SR8 (2005) which runs the “closed” MBE ECU that can’t be programmed. Is it possible to buy a similar “Open” MBE ECU. I want to do a few performance upgrades to the cylinder heads and was worried about the effects since the ECU can’t be programmed Could you also recommend the best options for an upgrades and power gains? Regards Josh Broome (@jwb)

Hi Josh,  That’s quite an early SR8, first question is current spec?  Presumably 2.6 motor, and does it have “plenum” intake or 8 separate throttle bodies?  If it’s still on early plenum – there is your most cost effective and biggest hike in free revving and response, for 8 throttle bodies.  If it’s 2.6 on […]