Radical Clubsport chassis number 1 is the first car built by Radical. It was one of two “Pre production” cars that were used for testing and proving the design. The chassis on this car is has a unique construction compared to other Clubsport. Chassis number 1 is the only chassis that was built by Spyder Engineering ( who had built many chassis for early Lotus cars). The Spyder designed chassis had 3″ deep by 1″ wide sections on the lower rails and a “top hat” folded sections on the floor to attach the skins. It also had gusseting on the roll bar supports that is unique to this car. This design was, to use Phil Abbott’s words “an awful idea”. Then after a mishap in the fabrication of chassis number 2, all of the following Radical chassis have been built (in-house) by Radical. The Radical built chasses use an improved design that uses 1″ x 1″ sections. The initial body for chassis number 1 (The red car in the pictures) used body that was built from a modified Robinson body. This body modifications included a new raised section to accommodate the tall Kawasaki 1100cc engine. It can also be seen in the pictures that the original body had unique side pods. Unfortunately these side pods did not provide adequate cooling which drove a redesign that was used for the production cars. When the body was redesigned it included cooling ducts that actually worked, headlights, and a flat section on the nose to house a license plate and cooling ducts for the brakes. In February 2019 the car was put up for sale by the current owner (Richard Wilyman in Somerset UK). He has owned the car since October 31 2003. When he purchased the car it did not have a chassis number plate so he worked with the Radical factory who confirmed this was chassis number 1 and provided a replacement chassis number plate. The car was silver when Richard got the car and he had it painted red and put an aftermarket rear wing on the car. Richard used the car as a Sprint and hill climb car and competed in the south west speed championship and held many class records on the south west sprint circuits. The car has been stored in a garage for 7 or 8 years. The car is currently available with a complete new body by Arc Angles which has never been fitted to the car.  In December 2020 the car was sold to Radical Benelux who plan to restore the car.