Radical Prosport chassis number RMS 0157 is a Blue car with headlights. Carbureted 1400cc, paddle shift. Wet sump , air jacks high downforce package. Pictures taken at Spring Mountain (8/2014). Sold on Bring a Trailer on 4/4/2018 for $24,000. The Car was located in Pottstown Pennsylvania. RMS0157 went up for auction again on Bring A Trailer.com on 9/27/2018 (but didn’t sell). Currently 110 hours since overhaul. Headlights have been removed. Only used once in last three years. The car was located in Northridge CA. In November 2018 George Brodish updated the Radical Registry showing that the car is now in East Rutherford NJ


2004 ProSport SN 157 add on Bringatrailer


Prosport RMS0157 ad on Bringatrailer