Radical SR9 Chassis number 1 was raced by Rollcentre Racing who was the lead customer for the SR9.  They originally planned to purchase the first two chassis.  The first chassis was to be raced by the Rollcentre factory team and the second chassis was to be raced by a “customer lease driver” that was supported by the Rollcentre Racing team.  Chassis number 1 used a Judd 3.4L naturally aspirated V8 engine that produced 530 bhp and 350 ft. lbs. of torque.   Rollcentre raced chassis number 1 in the 2006 Le Mans series.  The car was completed literally hours before it was loaded on the truck for the first official Le Mans test at Paul Ricard on March 27th, 2006.  The first race was in Istanbul on April 9 and two months later Chassis number 1 was the first SR9 to compete at Le Mans on June 18th, 2006, where it finished 5th in the LMP2 class and 20th overall.  Chassis number 1 was used for FIA testing and was damaged in the testing process but was repaired to be used for the 2006 racing series.  The car was retired after the 2006 racing season and in 2023 the tub of chassis number 1 was located at Greaves Racing in the U.K..