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Language Exchange

I'm looking for a good website to find online penpals for language exchange?

I looked on some, but they required a fee to contact other ppl. Is there a website that will introduce u to ppl w o hidden costs? I'm seeking for someone who speaks either Spanish, Portuguese, and or Italian. Thnx in advance

French/Russian language exchange?

Hey, I wanted to do a language exchange for help in homework with someone who is fluent preferably a native speaker in either French or Russian. I am fluent in English and Korean and can speak Japanese as well but only the basics. If anyone wanted to do an exchange on MSN, please reply here. only reply if youre in need of English Iris

Arabic language exchange?
hi allI am looking for somebody whose English is a mother language and likes to learn Arabic. i can exchange language i m looking to improve my english languagei m in the USA VA, Arlington for one month and i would love to if i find somebody wants to learn arabicbest regardsi m speaking already english but iwant to train my language and improve my skills

I would like to learn Korean and would like to have a language exchange buddy in London. Where can I find one?

I am proficient in Mandarin, Malay, English, and basic Cantonese...


Is there anything type of free language exchange websites that use Skype?
Are there any sites I could possibly sign up for that use Skype as a way for people who are interested in learning different languages to communicate with each other? Even if its not skype, some kind of voice chat would be nice.

Looking for a language exchange partner?

I am a native English speaker, and have dreams of teaching English in Japan. I am looking for someone who knows Japanese who would like to learn some more English, for a language exchange on Skype, or any sort of messaging system. Even e mail. Please let me know I do already know a tiny bit of Japanese.My skype is chawonka please add me if interested My skype is chawonka add me if interested My e mail is also brilliantdespa

I am looking somebody for language exchange!?

Hi there. I am russian student and I want to improve my english. Also I could help you with russian. We could talk by email or by skype.I f you are a native english person, You are welcome to find me at or my e mail felix.samsonov gmail.commy skype unique urbaniquethank you for attention.

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