Radical RXC chassis number SA9RXCRCNDP207003 is a blue right hand drive car with a 3.7 L RPE/Ford engine. The car was owned by Radical and was used as a Works Road Test car and had license plate P1 RXC. In March of 2014 the engine was changed to a twin turbo engine. This car was tested for an article in Evo Magazine in October 2014 and Autocar in August 2014. After the works team was done with the car it was sold to Multimatic who were developing the new Ford GT in secret. This car was used to produce the first Ford GT prototype that went on display at car shows around the world. The remaining body and chassis that were not used for the GT Prototype were eventually rebuilt into a working car.

Here is a link to the “Ask Phil” story about this car https://radicalsportscarregistry.com/question-6-hi-phil-recently-one-of-the-registry-members-purchase-an-rxc-body-off-of-racecars-direct-and-i-was-wondering-if-you-remember-anything-about-this-car-according-to-the-chassis-number-it/