SR3 chassis number 644 is a rare Carbon car with red graphics. Spoke with second owner and got extensive documentation including pictures of livery from all three owners, Pictures of shipment from England to the US, Bills of Sale for second and third owners, Pre delivery inspection from the Factory, and Maintenance records.
First owner was Darcy Smith in England. When he had the car it had a 1615cc engine. He ran the car for 1 summer in England and put less that 20 hours on the car. The livery at the time was Carbon with green accents. The second owner was Brian Leonovicz from MN. He purchased the car from the Radical factory in England in January 2012 with a zero time engine (serial number 1500-251) and Quaife. At his request the factory changed the livery to carbon with red accents with a yellow R on the nose. The third owner of the car was Nelson Canache (Professional Lemans racer) who purchased the car on September 28 2012. Nelson Checked out the car at BIR in Minnesota . He changed the livery to red, yellow and blue with a yellow splitter and side skirts and an R on the nose.