Radical SR3 chassis number 85 Is a tracksport that originally had a 1500cc wet sump fuel injected motor. This car came from the factory with SVA/IVA approval and the car was licensed as AJ03LZS. This car was also featured in an EVO magazine article. In May 2019 the car now has an upgraded body with high downforce side pods, an RS tail, and a turbocharged Hayabusa 1300 Gen 1 (K7) engine, SBD dry sump, Barnett HD clutch, Garrett Turbo, intercooler, Tail wastegate and BoV, MBE ECU. Produces 323bhp at the wheels. Penske 8300 adjustable suspension ensures that power is transferred to the track. In May 2019 the car was located in Amersham, UK and had 5 hours on the engine.