Radical SR9 chassis 6 was owned by ECO / Libra Racing and modified to compete in the LMP1 class in 2008 and 2009 using an AER / ECO V10 Diesel engine (VW Touareg based engine).    A new nose design was used to improve aerodynamics and to accommodate the larger LMP1 tires.   At that time the car was called an SR10 (although that was not an official Radical designation).  Due to challenges with homologation and technical issues the car only competed in one race in the LMP1 configuration at Laguna Seca on October 18, 2008.   In 2008/9 the car used a green and white livery while competing in LMP1.

The car competed in the 2010 LMP2 2010 season with an IES (International Engine Service)/ Nissan KV45 based 3998cc V8 engine.  In 2010 while competing with the IES engine the car had a black and yellow livery.

In 2011 the IES / Nissan KV48 V8 engine was extensively reworked by Ginetta and was re-badged as a Ginetta engine.  In 2011 while using the Ginetta badged engine the car used a black and orange livery.

In 2012 and 2013 a 3.2L twin turbo Ford / Roush / Yates EcoBoost engine was used to compete in LMP2.  In March 2021 the car was located near Houston Texas and had an EcoBoost engine installed.  In 2012 and 2013 while using the Ford / Roush / Yates engine the car used several different liveries including a black livery with a thin orange stripe, a  black/white/red/blue livery, and a black and gold livery.

In March 2021 the car was located near Houston Texas and has an EcoBoost engine installed.  At this time the car had a red and silver livery and the headlights had been replaced with RXC headlights.