2003 SR3 - Getting Street Ready! - Can Be Daily Driven!

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$, £, C$, A$, €, $AUD 22,000.00

Just putting some feelers out there. This is a project car that I’ve enjoyed driving (mostly) on the street with about 60 hours of personal love prepping it for street-legal process.

The engine has 6 hours of track time on it until I brought in-house and have raised it 2″, changed out the tires to wet slicks and prepping it for a near full-time street-legal race car! The chassis has about 100 hours on it. I am the third owner.https://radicalsportscarregistry.com/sr300132/

– It’s in GREAT, driving condition. I love it. I drive it as much as I can. (Check my IG Stories… you’ll be seeing me drive it)!
– Removed seq.shift and replaced with paddle shifters (love it!)
– Brand new headrests installed 3 months ago, small refurb job on the leather seats inside too
– I just installed a new race battery a couple months ago myself (I can send you video on IG)
– I re-did the wiring, the starter and the ignition system. All brand new. (Watch videos of me starting her up on IG stories)
– Needs nothing but a new right side mirror… hell, if you’re within 2 hours of Atlanta you won’t need a trailer. You can drive her home (Sunday afternoons are best :)!

She really is in great condition for the roads out here in Atlanta. I love driving her so much, but it’s time to look at upgrading and frankly my wife hates the other cars sitting outside the garage for a ‘racecar…’ or maybe I should just stop being lazy and re-subscribe to the local track garage… sigh.

Hit me up. You can even take it for a test drive if you have a waist size less than 34″… if you’re a big dude you won’t be able to fit in the current seat setup.


$22,000 OBO with lots of personal love put into the car 🙂 – You can even DRIVE IT HOME if you live on EAST COAST!

  • Listing ID: 14868
  • Model: SR3
  • Year Produced: 2003
  • Chassis Serial Number: sr300132
  • Driver Position: Left Hand
  • Engine size: 1400
  • Chassis Hours: 100
  • Engine Hours since Overhaul: 6
  • Gelcoat Color: Black
  • Paddle Shifting: Yes
  • Rear Wing Options: Aluminum
  • Brake Options: 280mm Front Floating Disk (upgrade), 280mm Rear Floating Disk (upgrade)
  • Shock Absorber Option: Single Adjustable Bespoke Mono-Tube
  • Fuel Tank Options: 54L Aluminum
  • Dry-Break Re-fueling System: No
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Duluth, GAUnited States ***** https://www.instagram.com/thebitcoinlambo/

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