2020 Radical SR3XX 1500 - Fresh Motor, GDU & More

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2020 Radical SR3 XX, Chassis 01295. This car was imported October 2020, first on track January 2021. This car is our dealerships first ever demo car and has been nothing but a tremendous machine with great history. The car has entered 4 NASA races winning 3 of the 4., the last time it was entered in Radical Cup it got the pole and won, this car has the all time track record at Pineview Run, it has unofficially broke the SCCA track record at NJMP by 3.2 seconds and broke the all time NASA track record. All the car has done is been a reliable sewing machine, win and reset track records. A part of me is wondering why we are offering this for sale given the history of this car, this is by far the best used SR3 available on the market. The car has just had a big make over with fresh 0 hour motor, 0 hour GDU, axles rebuilt, calipers rebuilt and more!

Car Specs:

2020 SR3 XX

Left Hand Drive

Cockpit Safety Halo Upgrade

Raised Steering Wheel Update


1500 Motor with X Bearing update – 0 hours – fresh from Spring Mountain

GDU fresh with 0 hours since rebuild

Calipers fresh with 0 hours since rebuild

Axles 0 hours since rebuild

Spin Safe Clutch

Triple Shocks – just rebuilt January 2023

76L FIA Fuel Cell

Fire bottle re certified and serviced in spring 2023

Air Jacks

Full LED Head Lights

Data Pack

Radiator Fan

Pre Heater

Smarty Cam

Driver Padded Head surround

Driver & Passenger Belts

Driver & Passenger Seat pads

  • Listing ID: 36749
  • Model: SR3
  • Year Produced: 2020
  • Chassis Serial Number: SR301293
  • Driver Position: Left Hand
  • Engine size: 1500
  • Engine Serial Number: NA
  • Chassis Hours: NA
  • Engine Hours since Overhaul: 0
  • Gelcoat Color: White
  • Graphics Color / Description: White
  • Paddle Shifting: Yes
  • Bodywork / Aerodynamic Options: Race Lighting Set (Headlights), Air Jack System, Le Mans-style Carbon-composite Rear View Mirrors, Carbon-composite Dive Planes
  • Rear Wing Options: Carbon-Composite High-Downforce BiPlane
  • Brake Options: 280mm Front Floating Disk (upgrade), 280mm Rear Floating Disk (upgrade)
  • Shock Absorber Option: Triple Adjustable Bespoke Mono-Tube
  • Fuel Tank Options: 77L FiA Fuel Cell
  • Dry-Break Re-fueling System: No
  • Logging Options: Brake Pressure Logging, Steering Logging
  • Dual Control System (Brake & Clutch for driver and passenger): No
  • IVA / SVA Type Approval kit (to make road legal). Includes road lights, switches, programmable ignition, hand brake calipers, horn,quiet silencer &catalytic converter, collapsible steering column, rear view mirror, bodywork trim and molding: No
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