Family love affair

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Purchased refurbished from Radical Canada winter 2017 as a track toy from Radical Canada. It gets a lot of use between father and son. Winters in the US and summers in Canada.

  • Listing ID: 7362
  • Year Produced: 2014
  • Chassis Serial Number: SR300889
  • Driver Position: Left Hand
  • Engine size: 1340
  • Chassis Hours: 250
  • Engine Hours since Overhaul: 80
  • Gelcoat Color: White
  • Graphics Color / Description: Gulf Livery
  • Paddle Shifting: Yes
  • Bodywork / Aerodynamic Options: Air Jack System, Le Mans-style Carbon-composite Rear View Mirrors, Clear Rear Light Lenses / Colored Bulbs, Carbon-composite Dive Planes
  • Rear Wing Options: Carbon-Composite High-Downforce BiPlane
  • Brake Options: 280mm Front Floating Disk (upgrade), 280mm Rear Floating Disk (upgrade)
  • Shock Absorber Option: Single Adjustable Bespoke Mono-Tube
  • Fuel Tank Options: 77L FiA Fuel Cell
  • Dry-Break Re-fueling System: Yes
  • Logging Options: Brake Pressure Logging
  • Dual Control System (Brake & Clutch for driver and passenger): No
  • IVA / SVA Type Approval kit (to make road legal). Includes road lights, switches, programmable ignition, hand brake calipers, horn,quiet silencer &catalytic converter, collapsible steering column, rear view mirror, bodywork trim and molding: No
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    1. Yes, that is Robert Burgess of Radical Canada kneeing beside me on the grid. Love the car. We have put about 80 hrs on it since we took possession – all track days. My son is high 1:20s at Mosport while I languish in the low 1:30s. Will be back at Daytona in December again this year for the Audi Club event run by HOD every year.

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