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I just finished refreshing a new to me sR3 1300 and have a few parts extra parts that I’m no longer running on the car or parts that I have replaced with a carbon version and am selling the OEM fiberglass one. Since some of the parts were used to pull a mold off of to create the carbon version you may see haziness on the finish, this is just partall wax and comes off with warm water and a towel. Same with blue/yellow vinyl sticker.   All parts are located in Pasadena CA. If you need me to ship a part, the USPS priority mail cost will be added to the finial price once i have your location.


Rear SR3 vents. $110

Sr3 ge2 front vents. $175

Rear tow hook. $40

jumper cable. $10

Sr3 gen 2 rear lights. $45

Radical side bar pad covers- $35

Sr3 passenger side head rest-  $35

SR3 driver and passenger seat pads.  $60 a piece- $100 for both

SR3 driverside Halo height plate.- $35

SR3 carbon dash panel- $150 each

Sr3 gen 1 muffler- $150

SR3 gen 2 muffler- $210

Sr3 radical steering wheel w/switch plate- $180

SR3 AVO shocks, working well- $450

SR3 splash guard- $100

SR3 sidepod aerofoil- $40 each.

SR3 cowel cover- $140

SR3 Seats Drivers/Pass combo-  $215

Sr3 high DF side skirts- $40

Sr3 Gen1 Diffuser- $550

SR3 gen 3 Diffuser (sans cross bar)- $550

Sr3 gen1 wing uprights- $250

Sr3 gen 1 main wing element- $250



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