Miscellaneous SR3 Parts for Sale

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I Moved these over from the Forum and cleaned up the list of what is left.

New Gen2 Denso Starter 31100-15H00 $150.00

Used Gen1 Denso Starter 31100-24FLO $100.00

2 New Throttle Cables ET0023 Left hand drive 50.00 each

1 New Set (Right and Left) of Heavy Duty Axles. TQ0075 and TQ0076 Right and Left. $450.00

1 New Long axle (some paint chips from storage) $175.00

2 New Communication Cable LH0168? $75.00 each

New Geartronics Hall effect gear sensor dual channel. $150.00 this is for inside the case behind the clutch in the stock location.

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4 Responses

  1. Hi Chris,
    I am interested in the throttle cables. I have a 2014 SR3 RS will this cable work? Mine has the classic burn mark from exhaust muffler. Now after years of use I believe the heat has caused the cable to stick or weaken. I have already reviewed everything else. I live in AZ please let me know thank you.

  2. Hi Chris,

    My fault I need a ET0045 forgot to look at my build sheet. Sorry about that.


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