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  • Listing ID: 13148
  • Model: SR4
  • Year Produced: 2006
  • Chassis Serial Number: SR400047
  • Driver Position: Right Hand
  • Engine size: 1340
  • Gelcoat Color: White
  • Paddle Shifting: No
  • Rear Wing Options: Carbon-Composite High-Downforce BiPlane
  • Shock Absorber Option: Single Adjustable Bespoke Mono-Tube
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  1. CharleyH .
    CharleyH .

    Thank you for submitting your car Antonis. I added to the Registry. Out of curiosity, where is the car located?

  2. CharleyH .
    CharleyH .

    Thank you. I updated the Registry to include your location. Are there many Radicals in Cyprus? It would be great to have you post in the Radical Forum because I am sure many people would like to hear how Radicals are being used in Cyprus.


  3. Antonis Milou
    Antonis Milou

    There were a couple of SR3s a few years ago, now there is only a prosport and my SR4. We have a short (2km) close track, and we can only race them at time attack in the category “bike engine cars”. The most difficult thing for us is to get information about suspension setup, or any other setup :-).

  4. CharleyH .
    CharleyH .

    You can ask set up questions in the Forum and someone in the Radical community can help.

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