Hi Vafa,

Always best to try to avoid the technological route and ask what was the last thing the human did, or did not do. 

That thought has helped me for over 50 years ! 

A quick check is the socket where the life cable plugs in. 

It can get damaged by debris or rough use during its life (no pun intended) 

This is an example of the socket for the life ECU (whether it is situated on dashboard or on the sidewall of the cockpit).  See how one pin has ‘retired’,  it has been pushed back in plug so it cannot connect.  The one in the picture is wired directly to the coms port so the PC can’t see the ECU at present.

Careful visual check on plug and socket will tell you in a minute if that is the issue and could save you from digging through software, etc. for weeks.

If it is like the example, it needs carful disassembly to make sure socket clicks back into place. 

It’s a first quick check that has high percentage of success.

Check the lead too, to make sure the pin is not damaged, or debris is not pushing the socket out of the plug.

Hope this helps.

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  1. Phil, I am using a brand new cable LH0168 with a etherlink to USB adaptor (made by Insignia) which is also new. The female ECU port on the cockpit sidewall also appears to be in good shape. Any other suggestions? Thank you.

  2. Vafa, I sent your. Comment back to Phil and he called his Son in to help solve this problem. Here is his response.

    Hi Vafa,
    James Abbott here!

    It would be worth trying to connect to the car using life messenger (LifeMSG), this should come up when searched on the start menu. Life messenger will come to any lifesaving hardware regardless of software version or PC ID level.

    If the car connects via life messenger, the issue will be a software version.
    If the car does not connect via life messenger, the problem will most likely be an physical connection issue. IE cable damage or a problem with the wiring on the car.

    Hope it helps.

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