Hi Corey, as you know the optimal suspension setup is dependent on driver style, weather, and track conditions.  The latest Radical SR3 Owner’s Manual (SR3 XXR) describes good Initial suspension set up for dry and wet conditions.  These set-ups work well as a starting point for most drivers at most tracks, and the Radical Handling Guide is very helpful to fine tune the suspension setup. For the Intrax single adjustable dampers it is recommend to start mid-range (-25 clicks).  The latest SR3 owner’s manual and Set-up Guide are available online through the Radical Motorsport website and the Radical Sportscar Registry Resource Library.

The Radical Factory manuals give the suspension specifications for the Hankook tires but do not address the Michelin tires, so we reached out to Robert Burgess from Radical Canada East, who has a tremendous amount of experience setting up cars with both Michelin and Hankook tires for Mosport.  Robert says that he recommends using the suspension set up guidance in the Owner’s Manual for both Hankook and Michelin tires at Mosport.  He said that he can help you fine tune your car to fit your specific driving style based on your input on how the car is handling.  Please feel free to reach out to Robert and he will help you get the most performance possible out of your car.

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