2012 Radical SR8 RX for Sale

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$, £, C$, A$, €, $AUD 55,000

This highly optioned SR8 RX has just about every option that was available from the factory.  It has a 2.7L V8 engine that produces 380hp and the optional 300mm floating brake rotors to provide stopping power.  Other options include Intrax triple adjustable dampers, dry-break refueling, Carbon fiber bi-plane rear wing and Le Mans mirrors, clear rear lights, and dual dive planes.

Feel free to call or text me at (714) five one four – 2082.


  • Listing ID: 23106
  • Model: SR8
  • Year Produced: 2012
  • Chassis Serial Number: SR800153
  • Driver Position: Left Hand
  • Engine size: 2.7L
  • Chassis Hours: ~65
  • Engine Hours since Overhaul: ~25
  • Gelcoat Color: White
  • Paddle Shifting: Yes
  • Bodywork / Aerodynamic Options: Air Jack System, Le Mans-style Carbon-composite Rear View Mirrors, Clear Rear Light Lenses / Colored Bulbs, Carbon-composite Dive Planes
  • Rear Wing Options: Carbon-Composite High-Downforce BiPlane
  • Brake Options: 300mm Front Floating Disk (SR8 Only upgrade), 300mm Rear Floating Disk (SR8 Only upgrade)
  • Shock Absorber Option: Triple Adjustable Bespoke Mono-Tube
  • Dry-Break Re-fueling System: Yes
  • Logging Options: Brake Pressure Logging
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  1. Jessup

    Why is it so cheap?

  2. CharleyH .
    CharleyH .

    Hi Jessup, This car was taken in on trade and is priced aggressively to sell it quickly.

  3. Richard w

    Still available?

  4. CharleyH .
    CharleyH .

    Yes it is Richard. Feel free to give me a call to discuss.


  5. Sandro Schneider

    Is the car available. If so please call me 818-674-8324. My name is Sandro.

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