Radical SR3 Supersport with Fresh Engine and GDU

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$, £, C$, A$, €, $AUD 26,000

Radical SR3 Supersport for sale with fresh engine and Gear Drive Unit (GDU).  This car has been owned by the same person from early 2004 until 2022.  The RPE 1500cc fuel injected engine was overhauled by George Dean Racing Engines and only has “break in hours” on it.  The car is in very good condition and is a great bargain for someone that wants a great car for a reasonable price.  It does have some chips and minor cracks that you would expect to see in a race car.   The car has a new axle on the left hand side and comes with an spare set of used axles, a quick lift jack, and an extra set of new brake rotors.  The seat belt and fire extinguisher are serviceable for track days but would have to be replaced / certified for racing.

  • Listing ID: 31488
  • Model: SR3
  • Year Produced: 2003
  • Chassis Serial Number: SR300107
  • Driver Position: Left Hand
  • Engine size: 1500cc
  • Engine Serial Number: 1500-28
  • Engine Hours since Overhaul: Break in ours only
  • Gelcoat Color: Black
  • Graphics Color / Description: Lamborghini Orange
  • Paddle Shifting: No
  • Fuel Tank Options: 54L Aluminum
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18915 Mount Walton CircleUnited States,92708 Show Phone Number *****

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  1. Paul

    This looks like a great car. Can a fellow 6’2” fit in the cockpit?

    I am willing to try, and am 35 miles away. Let me know!

  2. CharleyH .
    CharleyH .

    Hi Paul, I am 6′ and am “body tall” and I fit in these cars well. Since you are only 35 miles away the best way to tell is to come by and try it out. 🙂 Give me a call and we can work out a time.


  3. Paul

    Charlie, you are “on it” tonight, thx for the reply.
    I am up late reading your buyers guide right now!
    That way I can ask you _your_ questions!

  4. jake

    is your car still available?

  5. CharleyH .
    CharleyH .

    Yes it is still available. Lots of calls but no one has put money down yet.

  6. MIKE

    Hi Charley, is the car still available? Has it ever been in an accident? Mike Duncan

  7. CharleyH .
    CharleyH .

    Hi Mike, yes the car is still available. There has been lots of interest but it has not sold yet. The car has never been in an accident.

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