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Wanted - stock Hyabusa K7 engine for road use - UK

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With no intention to track my SR3 and a refresh needed of existing K7 engine, my thinking is to swap the engine out for a stock used K7 engine and enjoy the car on the road, with existing engine crated ready for next owner. 

Soooo, anyone got a stock K7 engine they want to sell , based in UK ? 

cheers Dave 

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@djw, since you are in the U.K. I would recommend reaching out to @RLM-Dan.  RLM has a great reputation and should be able to help you out.  I’m not sure using a stock Hayabusa is a good idea, even for just road use.  But I am confident that RLM can let you know what will work best for you.

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Robert Luketic
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A standard hayabusa should be ok enough. Since people do tend to turboconvert them

with standard internals and drive the living s%##t out of them on drag/track for years. 

i would be looking around for it on ebay. You can get gen 2 cheap with low milage from us


but there will be a round in the dyno to optimize it with the ecu you got now.

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Dan Phillips
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Thanks Charley,

@DJW feel free to PM or call if I can help out at all.

There are a number of small mods that are done to the standard engine to ensure reliability in the car and most of them are not that expensive so could be worth doing.

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