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Halo (Lateral head restraint) Installation

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A few years ago, in an effort to make some safety improvements to my car I decided to install a Halo (Lateral head restraint).  I ran into challenges immediately because I am a "body tall" person (meaning much of my height is from my waist up, not in my legs) so  the standard installation points on the Halo cause the installation to be very low.  I did a little research and found that the optimal installation is to mount the Halo at about ear level.  Radical sells a bracket to adjust the Halo location, but my understanding is that it is for high-hoop cars (mid 2011 and newer), so I made my own bracket.  What I found was that in order to have enough lateral support it is important to have as many mounting bolts as possible so the plate I came up with has four fasteners going into the Halo and three fasteners mounting the Halo to the chassis.  The challenge was that some of the fasteners need to be in locations that were blocked by the cross bar or the halo, so in these locations I used countersunk fasteners.


Here are pictures of both sides of the bracket I made.  You can see that there needed to be some countersunk fasteners on each side of the bracket.  I made the bracket out of steel plate, but if I were going to do it again I would make it a bit thicker.

IMG 0452
IMG 0451


And here are some pictures of the installation.  You can see where there needed to be countersunk fasteners.

IMG 0458
IMG 0456

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What size bolts mount into halo headrest?