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SR4 Wide wheel specs

Tareq AlTajer
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Hi,  Im restoring SR4 chassis #41 here in Bahrain in the Middle East.

The car has centerlock wheels and would like to fit wider tires.

I have read that there were optional 9" and 10" wheels available for these cars.

Would anyone know the correct offsets for these?


Im pretty useless at taking pics of the project but will hopefully post some soon.




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Hi @tareq, welcome to the Registry.  I am not familiar with a 9” wide wheel for a Radical.  The widest I have heard of is the 8” x 13” front and the 10” x 13” rear.  This size tire was available for the SR4 and the Prosports.  Unfortunately I don’t know the specific offset for the wheels but I believe Image wheels still makes these.