by Rod Bender

Radical SR3-XX Manufactured November 2022 - Delivery February 2023 1500cc Engine with 24 volt Starting System Spin Safe Clutch Billet Uprights Upgrade Pre-Preg Carbon Fibre Double Front Dive-Planes LED Race Lights Triple Adjustable InTrax Suspensuion Air Jack System Enhanced Data Pack Tyre Pressure & Temperature Monitoring System Electrically Activated Fire Suppression System FIA Certified 76 litre Fuel Cell Fuel Sampling/Drain Kit Dry-Break Refueling System Forward Facing Stay Head Protectors Composite Halo Head Restraint Passenger Belts & Head Rest Passenger Seat Vinyl Insert Additional Set of Wheels    

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by Dan Hoult

SR3 chassis number 47 was originally a blue (I believe) SR3 'Supersport' with the standard low downforce package. It was imported into Western Australia where it was raced, before being transported to Tasmania, Australia when it's owner moved here. It was rarely used and was sold to another Tasmanian, who had it out a couple of times before parking it up for health reasons. I purchased it in early 2022 in it's current form. Prior to coming to Australia it had an engine rebuild, I have been told it is a standard 1300cc Hayabusa spec block now, with EFI and the Radical dry sump system. Once in Australia it had a respray in white, it had an unlocked MBE ECU installed to allow it to be dyno tuned gaining approx. 20hp from the standard tune. It was the previous owners intention to install a turbo kit (hence the unlocked ECU) and I have this kit but have not installed it (at this stage!). It has had several aero upgrades, including high downforce sidepods including skirts, high downforce front splitter, dual carbon dive planes and a dual element carbon rear wing. After a thorough cleanup it appears to be in generally...

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by Peter Clare

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by Rod Bender

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by Matt Carter

Runner up Radical Clubman Cup 2012.   Change to current owner in 2013 and used in sprints, hillclimbs, and circuit racing.  Converted to 1475cc in 2015.   Shipped to Australia in 2018.  

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