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2015 Radical SR3 For Sale - $45,000 USD

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I am helping a friend to sell his 2015 Radical SR3 (1.5L). $45,000 USD

The chassis (originally bought from Performance Time UK) was used as a spare for a couple of years. Only being used on occasion until sold to the current owner in the US. The current owner ran in NASA Super Unlimited for a season before rebuilding both the engine and gearbox. Subsequently becoming too busy to race as of late due to obligations with business. 

The engine and gearbox were rebuilt at Spring Mountain (currently have zero hours on both), chassis has less than 50 hours. The engine (1500) is still built to the short-stroke configuration with standard throttle bodies and exhaust package. 

As well, there are two spare sets of rims available at $1000 per set and two sets of new tires (Dunlop and Hoosier) available at $800 per set. 

If interested, please comment, private message, or e-mail me: JesseG@VenturiMM.com

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Wow, this won't last long.