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Workshop Manuals

John Clark
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Hi, I'm a new SR8 owner. I have the Radical SR3 SR8 Mechanics Handbook 2012 and the Radical Performance Engines SR8 V8 Engine Handbook, as well as the AIM MXL Dash manual and various Life software manuals... I just wondered if there is such a thing as a Workshop Manual and/or parts list for the SR8 and the 2.7 RPE V8?

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Hi John (@john-a-clark), congratulations on getting an SR8 and Welcome to the Registry.  There are quite a few manuals in the “Registry Resource Library” which will be helpful.  It sounds like you have most of them.  The owners manual and the Mechanics manual are the two that are most helpful. I o have some parts manuals but unfortunately they are not in a format that is easy to post.  If you ever need information specific Parts post a question and if I have  something that is helpful, I will post it.  Also using the “Store” on the Radical Sportscar site is also a great resource about parts, even though it doesn’t show prices any more.

John Parsons
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Hi John. Welcome to the site -- there aren't many of us SR8 owners around. It's always great to meet another lost soul!