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Lambda Sensor Cable Routing

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Rod Bender
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Hi All,

Just purchased the Radical kit for closed loop Lambda Control for my RSX.  Before I run the cable through the engine bay I thought I would ask if anyone else had already done it, and to see how you dealt with the first 16" or so of cable routing (to keep it away from the hot exhaust and make it tidy).  Probably doesn't help that the O2 bung is in the top of the header junction and that the first 8" of cable before the plug is pretty stiff, but I guess that's the best location for the probe)

Any pictures might help... 



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Rod, I don't have an answer but I noticed recently that one of the sensor cables which is close to the exhaust is shrouded with a loose heat shield tubing to protect against radiant heat from the exhaust.  

Rod Bender reacted
Dan Phillips
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As DavidF said Rod, get some heat protection on there.

Unfortunately it is bending it back over itself and cable tying to the chassis leaving as much as you can from the exhaust.

As you say a port in the side would be much nicer!