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Posted 2 days ago by Corey Bradburn

2001 Radical Prosport 1300cc super fast, clean car, excellent mechanical grip makes it a great stepping stone from something with limited downforce into a more aero depended platform. Less than 1 hour after top end rebuild by Radical approved engine builder Chassis mounted splitter with high downforce dive planes added strakes in rear diffuser corner weighted with fresh set up for 160lbs driver 2 sets of image 3 piece wheels 2017 schroth belts CASC log book car is located 30 minutes from Mosport CTMP Ontario Canada 23k CDN ​​​​​​​ http://forums.casc.on.ca/filedata/fetch?photoid=456504 http://forums.casc.on.ca/filedata/fetch?photoid=456505

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Posted 3 weeks ago by VenturiMM

I am helping to sell a friend's 2015 Radical SR3 1500. The chassis has low hours due to it being used as a spare car for Performance Time UK before it was purchased and brought to the US for the current owner. Current owner ran one season of NASA Super Unlimited (regionally) before he had Spring Mountain rebuild the engine and gearbox. not to long after he had the car reassembled he discovered he did not have the time he once had. Making him decide that he wanted to sell the car. The engine is in short-stroke configuration with standard throttle bodies and exhaust package. In addition to the car, the owner has two spare sets of rims for sale for $1000 each as well as two new sets of tires (Dunlop and Hoosier) for sale at $800 each. If interested, you can e-mail me: JesseG@VenturiMM.com or private message me on this forum.  

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Posted 1 month ago by Craig Hugill

I’m selling my my radical sr3, I bought it last year with all intentions to start doing some track days but family life/work have got in the way. I’m now selling some of my cars to put towards a property. It’s currently got my business logo and various vinyl on it to give it an eye catching look but these can soon be removed to look like the other pics. It’s a used hill climb car so does have some war wounds but all in all it’s a class winning car and comes with various spares. Below is the spec I got given before I bought it. Collection from Filey, North Yorkshire. More info/pics can be sent on request. £20000 ovno. No trailer included so would need to be transported from my place. This can be arranged if a sale is made. Radical SR3 Tracksport Radicals 2002 Press Car as featured in EVO, CCC and Car Magazines. The car originally had a Kawasaki ZZR 1100 engine and this was replaced in 2004 with a Hayabusa RPE Powertec 1400cc engine from the factory. The car was set up for Hillclimbs and the suspension was redesigned by Allan Staniforth to include conventional...

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Radical SR8


Posted 1 month ago by Dylan Couper

Radical SR8 2012-2013 build Sent back to Radical in 2014 for a refresh so was a zero hour car in early 2015. Well known local car with a great local dealer for additional support. Roughly 16.5 hours of track time since then. Balanced and well sorted, ready to run. The car's mechanic is available to consult or to continue on working with you with the car if you're in the lower mainland. Air Jack System, 2 nitrogen air tanks, lance, all new SmartyCam HD system option Electrical fire suppression system option Additional sensors for steering angle, brake circuit pressures, etc – data logged 2 sets of wheel nuts, one set new Body recently wear marks all repaired, white epoxied, white urethane top coat New 2016/17 seat belts/harnesses, chassis SCCA certified Radical alignment system, new MK Technologies A frame lift system with servicing table, Longachres 4 corner scales, all new Beam-type (non-zero to store) ¾” torque wrench and 70mm socket, new And more goodies!22' enclosed race trailer available with purchase for $6000usd  

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Posted 2 months ago by Damon Milnes

This very successful and well developed Prosport has an excellent specification and a current MSA vehicle passport. 1400cc RPE Suzuki engine with MBE dry sump system. MBE 9A4 ECU controlling engine and XoomBox ECU to control air paddle flatshift, traction control, launch control and data logging. Later type front and rear clams with recessed latches and PR6 style high downforce side pods. High downforce front and rear diffusers and low drag high downforce dive planes. Deep rear carbon wing. Intrax 3 way adjustable shocks with various springs. Nik link suspension with soft, medium and hard bars. Radical fully floating bigger brake kit. Custom made hardened driveshafts. Currently fitted with a 12 litre custom made fuel tank but with the standard race tank also included, together with a fuel churn for refuelling. Two sets of Image centre lock wheels with Avon slicks and wets. Excellent covered Brian James (clamshell) trailer available by separate negotiation.

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Posted 2 months ago by Walter Pistor

Priced to Sell - Price lowered from $79,000 to $69,990 Ready to race, the Radical SR8 is listed amongst the fastest cars to lap the Nurburgring.  This car has been maintained to the highest standards and has the most reliable V8 that Radical built coming with a 40-hour warranty from Radical.  Larger engine variants like the 3.0 liter had a shorter engine lifespan and were known for cracking the main journal bearing caps.  I've seen it first hand at Spring Mountain Racing.  This car won the European Masters Championship and was meticulously maintained by the race-winning team with a beautiful and fast set-up.  The motor and car were completely refreshed by Radical mechanics at Radical HQ in Peterborough, England before shipping to the USA.  The transmission was recently completely refreshed and has less than 1.5 hours on it.  Spare final drive gears come with it allowing you to easily change the gear ratio for your racetrack of choice.  This car comes with all sorts of goodies including 3 sets of wheels and tires (one completely fresh), extra sway bars, 4 sets of extra springs, and all the spare parts you will need to maintain it.  Everything has been carefully thought...

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Posted 2 months ago by Sean Wagner

Great condition, runs perfect, comes complete with another set of wheels and rain tires.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UYiIPBRe7Yo&t=6s

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2016 SR3


Posted 2 months ago by Winslow Mankin

SR3 chassis number 1029 is a left hand drive car with engine 1500-672. It is a blue car with an orange stripe and has the optional air jacks, Intrax triple adjustable dampers, dry-break fueling, and fuel pump out. Driven by Tad Cusack in the 2018 Radical cup at Laguna Seca in October. Supported by Moorespeed.

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Posted 2 months ago by Bitcoin Lambo

Just putting some feelers out there. This is a project car that I've enjoyed driving (mostly) on the street with about 60 hours of personal love prepping it for street-legal process. The engine has 6 hours of track time on it until I brought in-house and have raised it 2", changed out the tires to wet slicks and prepping it for a near full-time street-legal race car! The chassis has about 100 hours on it. I am the third owner.https://radicalsportscarregistry.com/sr300132/ - It's in GREAT, driving condition. I love it. I drive it as much as I can. (Check my IG Stories... you'll be seeing me drive it)! - Removed seq.shift and replaced with paddle shifters (love it!) - Brand new headrests installed 3 months ago, small refurb job on the leather seats inside too - I just installed a new race battery a couple months ago myself (I can send you video on IG) - I re-did the wiring, the starter and the ignition system. All brand new. (Watch videos of me starting her up on IG stories) - Needs nothing but a new right side mirror... hell, if you're within 2 hours of Atlanta you won't need a trailer. You...

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Posted 2 months ago by Radical Northwest

Radical Northwest is offering this new 2019 SR3 RSX for Sale.  This highly optioned car is a US Masters Cup Specification car that has Center seating, 1500cc engine, headlight package, Fuel pump out, Carbon mirrors, Carbon dive planes, Carbon fiber dual plane rear wing, Seat inserts with red seat belts, Aim Smartycam HD GPS, New style Sparco steering wheel, Sport exhaust.

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Posted 2 months ago by xnrracing

Fresh (6 hours) 1500cc RPE sealed long stroke engine (265 hp) Newly refreshed GDU Pneumatic paddle-activated gear shift with auto-blipper High-down force bi-plane rear wing High down force front and rear diffusers Front Dive planes 280mm x 25mm floating disc brakes all around Zero 360 gas fire extinguisher system Front lighting system Independent brake-pressure logging Steering wheel angle sensor Upgraded Heavy-Duty Driveshafts Intrax 3-way adjustable shocks 24v dual-battery starter system SmartyCam with integrated GPS Fully integrated Life ECU, AIM datalogger, and shift light Air jack installed Forward-facing stay head protectors Le Mans-style carbon-composite rear view mirrors Black one-piece alloy wheels Clear rear light lenses ​Extra set of wheels and tires Body and chassis in immaculate condition

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Posted 4 months ago by steven saull

First ever Radical RXC Turbo to be imported into the USA- 2015 model Extremely low hours - less than 75 Never raced or driven on the roads Excellent condition Lowest Radical RXC on the market Contact for more photos, videos and information Can be road registered, we hold bill of sale and all other documents needed for the car  

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Posted 4 months ago by Radical Northwest

Radical Northwest is offering this outstanding SR3 RSX for Sale.  The car has just completed a thorough refresh by Radical Northwest.  The cars body is in near perfect condition with brand new graphics.  The engine is a freshly rebuilt 1500cc with 0 hours. The tires, brake rotors and pads are brand new and have not been used, and the heavy duty axles were recently replaced.  

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Posted 5 months ago by marc flammia

1340cc Hayabusa engine, new from Radical. Not rebuilt, it’s new, with warranty until the 1st rebuild Paddleshifter/auto blipper 280mm Oversized Floating Brakes Manual Fire Extinguisher Dry Sump Oiling System Chassis SR300453 New belts in 2017 LCD data logger system w/David II video, LIFE engine management and an advanced AiM LCD dash/multifunction display 2 sets of wheels and tires (2018) Maintained by Wisco Racing at VIR Adjustable bespoke shocks Six-speed sequential transmission Quaife torque-biasing differential. Swapping gear ratios to suit specific tracks is a straightforward job 4 hours on GDU since complete rebuild Awesome stopping power Twin-seat cockpit makes the SR3 RS an ideal trackday car and endurance racer Eligible for ‘C’ Sports & SR3 Radical series, also SCCA P2 and ITE classes Reportedly Capable of 2.5G Located at Virginia International Raceway at the Wisco Racing Radical Dealer

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Posted 7 months ago by Driver

With too may toys and too little time, I've reluctantly decided to sell my Clubsport/Prosport.   The car was originally a Clubsport which has been upgraded to Prosport spec. I bought the car three years ago and set about doing a re-commissioning as detailed below. The car is 100% complete and ready for final fettling before returning to the track. Full photos of the car and parts are available here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/Q3vjcPUk7uvb4MPv8   Engine Strong and smooth running Hayabusa, hours unknown with good compression and oil pressure. I’ve stripped and cleaned the dry sump system and fitted new sump gaskets etc. I haven't had the engine apart to establish to extent of the build as it ran well and judging by the extent and quality of the other modifications it will have been prepared well and appropriately. New starter motor and Extreme Engines Billet Starter Cover and Idler Gear fitted (protects the starter / engine from damage if the car spins or the engine kicks back on start-up)   Pace dry sump system with oil cooler Keihin FCR Flat Slide Cars fully (professionally rebuilt by Allens Performance from memory) Carbon air box with new carb seals Custom rear quiet exhaust from...

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2008 Radical SR3


Posted 7 months ago by Guy Schwirtz

For Sale 2008 Radical SR3 with high downforce kit. New rebuild by Rilltech Racing in Denver with a total of 30 hours on the motor. Motor is a Hayabusa 1340cc with a sequential 6 speed Quaife with fresh bearings and seals less than ten hours on it. The car has been completely gone through and anything that needed to be replaced was changed out. The suspension was realigned, squared and corner balance at the end of last season ready for new yer of tracking. Car previously enjoyed at Homestead, Sebring, Savannah, PBIR & Castrol. The car has never been crashed and was only used for track days. The car was regularly maintained at Rilltech Racing by the previous owner. Ready for the track for a beginner, for track days, time attack or competition. Complete car is ready to go with all the parts. $37,000USD car and parts $42,000USD with optional trailer available Fuel Injected Dry Sump equipped Dash mounted brake bias Onboard fire system OMP Harnesses Left had drive 24v starting system New brakes with 15 hours run time on them Dynojet Power Commander- Fuel Injection Module Fresh wrap done in multi colored striping including 3D grey holographic accents. All...

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Posted 7 months ago by

Early SR3 Chassis number in the mid 50s. Breaking for spares . All parts available except body work, engine seat and belts.   Image Split Rims , GDU , Koni Double adjustable dampers , Carbon from brake ducts , Good front and rear uprights. Can arrange delivery world wide at purchasers expense.

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Posted 9 months ago by Richard Wilyman

This is the very first Radical chassis no 0001 . We used to sprint and hillclimb and it was well known in the southwest speed championship. For the last seven or eight years it has been sitting in my garage, and I feel it time it found a new owner. It has new complete bodywork by The Arc Angels which has never been fitted!  

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Posted 9 months ago by dan elliot

1340cc Hayabusa motor and full sequential gearshift system with steering wheel mounted paddle shifters. Fantastic car. Only 50 hours on the car. Looks and runs great. Maintained by authorized Radical dealer, Team Stradale at Autobahn Country Club. Just had all fluids and maintenance completed. Used purely for lapping. No issues at all. Full custom poured seat included. Also includes full AIM system, in car camera, transponder and radio wiring installed. Extra set of wheels included. Runs perfectly. Ready to go race, track days, test etc. Easy car to drive. Great for beginner, development, training, driver ed – or experienced drivers looking to run at the front.  

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Posted 9 months ago by Nikki Schumann

60 hours since delivered new by Radical France in 2013 Chassis: SR800218 Black Gel Coat bodywork RPE V8 2.7 liter engine with latest Life Racing ECU - 430 bhp Engine and gearbox have 20 hours since both were rebuilt by Radical 6 Speed Quaife sequental gearbox with paddle shift Left Hand drive car This SR8 is currently located at our workshop near Circuit de Bresse in France Viewing can be arranged on demand We can also arrange a test drive at Circuit of Bresse if genuine interest Please ask for additional information or pictures Equipement: Carbon rear wing Carbon "Le Mans" style wing mirrors AIM SmartyCam camera 77 liter FIA fuel cell Comes with 3 sets of wheels (2 with slicks + 1 with wets) Equipped with airjack since new from Radical Ready to race or fantastic trackday car Up to date servicing

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Posted 9 months ago by Nikki Schumann

For sale on behalf of one of our customers who upgraded to an SR8, is this beautifully maintained SR3 RS. The engine is currently at Radical undergoing a full rebuild and will be delivered fresh with 0 hours. Fuel cell was refreshed by ATL and obtained a 2 year extension (refreshed October 2018). Will be delivered with a fully refreshed (0 hours) engine, gearbox and final drive Chassis: SR300813 Gel coat colour: White RPE 4 cylinder 1.5 litre K8-series short stroke engine - 260 bhp Transfer box and diff rebuilt (0 hours) 6 speed sequential box with paddle shift Left-hand drive This SR3 RS is currently located at our workshop near Circuit de Bresse in France Viewing can be arranged on demand We can also arrange a test drive at Circuit of Bresse if genuine interest 77 liter FIA fuel cell (renewed by ATL October 2018 with 2 year extension) Comes with 2 sets of wheels (1 with slicks + 1 with wets) Ready to race or fantastic trackday car This Radical has been looked after our team since new, all servicing up to date. Used mostly on trackdays or for occasional Free Racing event

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Posted 9 months ago by Nikki Schumann

2 hours run-in time since engine, gearbox and final drive rebuild Chassis: SR300746 RPE 4 cylinder 1.5 litre K8-series short stroke engine - 260 bhp Transfer box and diff rebuilt at the same time as engine (2 hours since rebuild) 6 speed sequential box with paddle shift Left-hand drive This SR3 RS is currently located at our workshop near Circuit de Bresse in France Viewing can be arranged on demand We can also arrange a test drive at Circuit of Bresse if genuine interest 75 liter FIA fuel cell Comes with 2 sets of wheels (1 with slicks + 1 with wets) Ready to race or fantastic trackday car This Radical has been looked after our team since new, all servicing up to date. Used mostly on trackdays or for occasional Free Racing event

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2002 Radical SR3


Posted 9 months ago by Gord Ross

For sale 2002 Radical SR3, fully rebuilt and race ready. We’ve moved on to other projects and would like to see the car move to a new owner. The car was stripped to a bare frame and rebuilt under the supervision of Britain West Motorsports. All suspension components blasted and re-plated. Parts powder coated as necessary. New bushings. AN hardware used throughout. New wheel bearings. Rebuilt gear drive unit with new bearings. Radical dash with stand alone gear indicator. Pi data acquisition system. One piece Speedline wheels. Wilwood brakes. New master cylinders. Willans 6pt harness valid through 2020. Bodywork repaired and professionally painted. Dual plane rear wing. 1300 Suzuki approx. 50 hours. New HD driveshafts. Spare motor, complete spare nose and front dive planes included Only one race weekend since rebuild. targaracer@gmail.com  or 519-532-7429 for more pictures or information

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Posted 11 months ago by Simon Green

2017 Radical SR3 RSX Low use from new having only competed 30 hours track time in its entire life and only around 15 hours on a refreshed RPE engine. Car has only ever been used for track days and never raced. £49,495.00 ono Contact Simon@simongreenmotorsport.com or tel: 01480 454074 Mobile: 07771 392993 for more information SR3 RSX STANDARD FEATURES: ENGINE Gen 4 RPE-Suzuki 1500cc 4-cylinder dry sump oil system with oil pre-heater Latest Life Racing ECU TRANSMISSION Six-speed sequential gearbox Formula 1TM ‘style’ paddle-activated gearshift system with auto-blipper Quaife final drive and limited-slip differential Rear-wheel-drive SUSPENSION Fully adjustable Nik-link suspension system, front and rear unequal length top and bottom wishbones, fabricated uprights, forged centre locked hubs and interchangeable roll bars Bespoke Intrax fully adjustable 3 dampers TYRES 1 x set of Dunlop Wets – low usage 2 x sets of Dunlop Slicks – both under 90 mins use DIMENSIONS Length: 4077 mm Width: 1799 mm Height: 1093 mm FEATURES Two-seater chassis – currently fitted with single seat option High down force, lightweight fibreglass bodywork LMP inspired highly aerodynamic CAD design Carbon Composite dashboard featuring a dash mounted brake bias adjuster AIM MXL2 display unit with LED rev counter, gear indicator, shift...

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Posted 1 year ago by Dennis S

2007 PR6 chassis #14. Rear upper body and right side pod damaged in fire. Body parts cost prohibitive to freight across the water or repair. Retiring soon and will be parting out. Have been using as part car for it's sister chassis #15. Bare frame or rolling chassis looking for home so I don't have to move it. Rear wing. Wheels, front body, have two hayabusa engines may consider parting with. Please contact me if you are looking for PR6 parts. In San Jose/Gilroy area moving to SoCal before year end, prefer local pick up.

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Prosport hayabusa


Posted 1 year ago by Doug Ritchie

One of the last prosports to leave radical originally built to race in sweden. As it was a late prosport many PR6 parts were used. Bought last year by myself i took to scotland to use in sprints and hillclimbs. Fantastic trackday car. Powertec hayabusa 1340 healthy engine. Running flat side race carbs. Unsure of hours but not many im my ownership. 2 spare sets of wheels and various tyres. Wets slicks inters. Spare sprockets chain plugs Comes with uncovered twin axle ifor williams trailer with electric winch and tyre rack. cover and hugger cover. Car is running great. Recent new fluids, sparkplugs and new battery. Carbs were rebuilt and tested at extreme engines. The car is ready for action. Front splitter to a knock at oulton park chicane but purely costmetic. Not got the time to rectify it.   Work and family force an unwanted sale. 07894431766 doug121177@hotmail.com

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PR6 1500


Posted 1 year ago by Christian Broberg

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