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    1. Yes, that is Robert Burgess of Radical Canada kneeing beside me on the grid. Love the car. We have put about 80 hrs on it since we took possession – all track days. My son is high 1:20s at Mosport while I languish in the low 1:30s. Will be back at Daytona in December again this year for the Audi Club event run by HOD every year.

  1. Mick, you have a beautiful car, thank you for adding it to the registry. Identifying the exact build year of the early cars is a bit tricky because there is so much misrepresentation in the early cars. When I look at the cars in the Registry I look for information from original owners who should have a good idea of when they purchased the car. Chassis number 207’s input was given by an original owner and he said that his car was delivered in 2004, so it is highly likely that your car is also a 2004. Regarding additional history, this is the first time I have seen your chassis number so regrettably I don’t have any additional information on your car. It might be worth posting in the SR3 section of our Radical Forum asking if others have information about your car. It is a bit of a long shot, but it is worth a try.

    1. Hi, I purchased 111 from Chris in late 2021. Lucille now resides in Houma Louisiana near New Orleans and will race in the local NASA events. Cheers to all Radical owners.

  2. Hi Charles, Yes still running the 13 car (chassis 15).
    Last month completed my 100th day at Laguna Seca, I’m sure we’ve met somewhere along the way.

    I’ll get them both entered this week.

  3. Nikki, This is fantastic information. I have been trying to narrow down when the first Life ECU’s were installed so this is great that you have that documented. I was told that they started some time in 2009 so this is a great data point. It is interesting that the ECU is mounted on the firewall because they are normally mounted on the side of the car. Can you add some pictures of the ECU installation? Also you video of SPA is fantastic! That is one of my dream tracks.


  4. Hi Charley. Thanks for your comment. Indeed our other car (484 – so one of the early RS models) has the ECU in the usual location on the right behind an inspection panel.

    376 is currently in our workshop in France but I’ll probably go there next week so I’ll take some pictures for you – there is a big metal heat shield in front of it to protect it from exhaust manifold heat radiations, but hopefully I can get some decent pictures… 🙂

  5. Any luck finding the Chassis number? It wold be great if we could add this car to the Radical Registry, but we can’t, without the Chassis Serial number.

  6. Thank you very much for adding your car. I added it to the Registry. I have on request, could you double check the chassis number? I suspect it is PRO60004. Is that correct?

  7. Beautiful car. Did this car once have a wrap that looked like a volcano? Can you confirm that this is the same chassis number 00007 that is in the Registry? Thank you.

  8. I saw this car a few months ago at the Radical Cup race at Laguna Seca and it looked like a very good car. I also know that Radical Northwest has done all of the work on this car and that no expense has been spared in it’s maintenance. In my opinion, this car is a very good deal.

  9. Alan, thank you for submitting your car. I have added it to the Registry. I have one question for you… why doesn’t your car have any rear view mirrors? I guess SR8’s are so fast they aren’t needed 😉

  10. James, Thank you very much for submitting your car. I have added it to the Registry. This is a very unique car in that it appears to be a Tracksport-LM (most SR3’s are Supersports). The Tracksport-LM’s were street legal, had higher ground clearance, and they usually didn’t have the cross bars coming down from the roll bar. I can see from one of your pictures that the car still has the road legal muffler. If possible please add some pictures showing the engine and rear suspension, also please post a picture of the cockpit because there were some unique items there.
    Thank you again for adding your car to the Registry

  11. Thank you. I updated the Registry to include your location. Are there many Radicals in Cyprus? It would be great to have you post in the Radical Forum because I am sure many people would like to hear how Radicals are being used in Cyprus.


  12. There were a couple of SR3s a few years ago, now there is only a prosport and my SR4. We have a short (2km) close track, and we can only race them at time attack in the category “bike engine cars”. The most difficult thing for us is to get information about suspension setup, or any other setup :-).

  13. Good afternoon. Please contact me for an off line conversation. I have a proposition for you.

  14. Is your car still for sale is there a number where I can call you to discuss it. I’m a serious buyer

  15. The car is in the original configuration with the Koni’s. I have the original owners manual and used the setup numbers in the manual, so ride height at the front bulkhead is 65mm and at the rear bulkhead 70mm. The front springs are 7 inch 300#, rears 8″ 500#.

    I weigh 122 Kg so I imagine I am outside your design parameter. When the corner weights were set with the fronts being equal at about 220# I had very little bump travel. With the stock push rods, the stagger in the front is about 30# and I have plenty of travel. Seems the limiting factor is the rocker on the right side hits the frame/sheetmetal before the bump stop on the shock.

    Tire pressure I run is 14 psi cold, I have not checked them hot off the track.

    I am not trying to solve a problem with this question, but increasing my knowledge of the suspension. I am a retired engineer and just have to know how everything works, it’s my nature. Your suspension design with the push rods and Nik bar have been the subject of many late night discussions with my racing buddies, yes adult beverages are usually involved. Brilliant stuff, difficult to grasp.

    I will have to get with Charlie about posting pictures.

  16. Hi Kevin, thank you for your interest in the car. Unfortunately the car sold yesterday. I am waiting for the remaining balance to be transferred today and then I will move the Ad to the Radicals Sold section. However I keep close track of the Radical market and would be happy to help you find a good car. Feel free to contact me at CharleyH@RadicalSportscarRegistry.com if you would like some help..


  17. How many hours on drive train and when was the last time fuel cell was certified.
    Austin, TX

  18. Hi Rod, Thank you for submitting your car to the Registry! It is a beauty. It is always interesting to me to hear stories about where these Radicals are all around the world. Being in Tasmania your car is possibly the most southern SR3 in the world? I hope you spend some time posting in the Radical Forum about your adventures with your car. I know many would like to hear about a Tasmanian SR3 🙂


  19. Dear Sir,

    nice to talk to you

    My name is Marco and I write from Italy on behalf of a friend of mine interested in buying a Radical like that

    what is the price you ask?

    thank you in advance

  20. Dear Filley,

    nice to talk to you

    My name is Marco and I write from Italy on behalf of a friend of mine interested in buying a Radical like this one
    he don’t speack english and so ……

    which is the price ?

    thank you in advance

    have a nice day

    Marco Melton

  21. Hi Nick Welcome to the Registry! Thank you for submitting you beautiful car! I have added to the Registry. I hope you spend some time on the Forum letting us know what it is like owning a Radical in Cyprus!

  22. Sorry, the car was sold back in May and was moved to the radicals sold section.
    Admin can delete this ad if possible

  23. I’m interested in the car. What dealer was it purchased from? I’m a member at Spring Mountain.
    What shape are front wheel body vents in, they get hammered without protection.
    Only 40hrs on chassis, why was motor refreshed to long stroke at 15hrs?

    1. Hello Tom! I apologize on the later response. I was out of town over the weekend. The car and trailer are still available. Do you have any questions? You can message me on here or call me at 219-307-1922.

    2. Hello Tom! I apologize on the later response. I was out of town over the weekend. The car and trailer are still available. Do you have any questions? You can message me on here, or call or text me at 219-307-1922.

  24. Phil, I am using a brand new cable LH0168 with a etherlink to USB adaptor (made by Insignia) which is also new. The female ECU port on the cockpit sidewall also appears to be in good shape. Any other suggestions? Thank you.

  25. Vafa, I sent your. Comment back to Phil and he called his Son in to help solve this problem. Here is his response.

    Hi Vafa,
    James Abbott here!

    It would be worth trying to connect to the car using life messenger (LifeMSG), this should come up when searched on the start menu. Life messenger will come to any lifesaving hardware regardless of software version or PC ID level.

    If the car connects via life messenger, the issue will be a software version.
    If the car does not connect via life messenger, the problem will most likely be an physical connection issue. IE cable damage or a problem with the wiring on the car.

    Hope it helps.

  26. Hi Andy, Welcome to the Registry and thank you for submitting your car! You have a very interesting car in that it was the second SR3 RSX (gen 3 car) built and one of the two RSX test cars built in 2014 and there were two final SR3 RS’s (Gen 2 cars) built after your car.

  27. Thank you for submitting your car to the Registry and thank you for the great build thread in the Forum. I am enjoying following your progress :). I just added it to the Registry

  28. Charley, I am looking for a good set of wheels for a 2012 SR3. It has 15″ on the front and 16″ on the back. I assume that your wheels will fit but didn’t know if they come with different offsets that need to be checked. Looks like my fronts have a backspace of about 5 5/8 inches, the best I can tell. I haven’t measured the back offset yet.
    I wondered if you knew if these would be standard or not.

    Jim Le

  29. Hi Jim, These wheels are 15″ x 8″ with a 5.75″ backspacing for the Front and the Rear wheels are 16″x 9.5″ in the rear with a 6.25″ back spacing.

    The black Kodiak wheels and the gold Image wheels are 15″ x 8″ with a 5.75″ backspacing for the Front and the Rear wheels are 16″x 9.5″ in the rear with a 7.75″ back spacing.

  30. Hi, Very interested in this radical SR3 as I I’m in the market for one for this season. A few quick questions. Is tis car still available? Is the engine dry or wet sump? Also are there any spare parts/additional wheels etc?

    Thanks much appreciated

  31. Hi,
    I am interested in this engine.
    Please can you email me.
    Is it a 2.7 or 2.6??
    Where are you based??

  32. Hi. Is this car still available? What is the total hours and mikes on the chassis? Who rebuilt the motor and diff? Is it legal for Radical Cup racing? It there any checking (spider cracks or chipping) in the gel coat? Has it ever been in an accident? Would you please describe the most recent suspension refresh/rebuilds?
    I’m asking a lot of questions because it is a very high price for a 2012 car (I’ve owned and sold 1 – 2001, a 2013, a 2016, a 2017, and currently own a 2013).

  33. They’re marked sale pending, but have they been sold? If not I’m very interested. I have two sets of Kodiaks for Clubsport #54, and the centers are lifing out. Wheels are available from Image in UK and Bogart Wheels in the US Southwest, who made shells for Kodiak at one point.
    If they are still available, please let me know!

  34. Hi Chris,
    I am interested in the throttle cables. I have a 2014 SR3 RS will this cable work? Mine has the classic burn mark from exhaust muffler. Now after years of use I believe the heat has caused the cable to stick or weaken. I have already reviewed everything else. I live in AZ please let me know thank you.

  35. Hi Chris,

    My fault I need a ET0045 forgot to look at my build sheet. Sorry about that.


  36. Thank you for submitting your car to the Registry! I have added it to the Registry, sorry for the delay. If possible could you post some pictures of your car? 🙂

  37. Can you provide me with the original spec sheet when it was produced with all the exact options? where was this raced?

  38. Hi Adam, I don’t have a copy of the order sheet for the car but I can tell you what options it has: Center seat driver position, Quiet muffler, tire pressure and temperature sensors, Aim smartycam with GPS, Carbon dive planes, Carbon wing, 76L Fuel cell, Electric Radiator fans, Intrax triple adjustable dampers, red seatbelts, seat inserts, driver halo, owner welcome package (download cables, dipstick, cover, etc). This car is like new. It is a great opportunity to get a like new car for a great discount. Give me a call if you would like any additional information. 🙂

  39. Sounds like a nice machine Charley, thank you for your reply!! Can I ask why you opted for the quiet muffler and is that something that can be modified to its original sound and removed?

  40. Hello,

    Do you know which Radical car these fit? How much would it cost to ship to the United Kingdom?

  41. This looks like a great car. Can a fellow 6’2” fit in the cockpit?

    I am willing to try, and am 35 miles away. Let me know!

  42. Hi Paul, I am 6′ and am “body tall” and I fit in these cars well. Since you are only 35 miles away the best way to tell is to come by and try it out. 🙂 Give me a call and we can work out a time.


  43. Charlie, you are “on it” tonight, thx for the reply.
    I am up late reading your buyers guide right now!
    That way I can ask you _your_ questions!

  44. Evening Myles

    Is your Radical still available?
    What’s the reason for selling?
    Are there any extras that come with the car?

    1. Hello yes it’s still available.
      I’m selling for monetary reasons.
      There’s nothing extra that comes with the car however all original cables tools and books will come with it.

  45. Hello is it possible to know the weight of the rims please front and rear? I’m looking for a set that is lighter than the 1piece wheels I have. Thank you

  46. Hi
    Wheels are still available. only good wheels are interested
    Shipped to Europe
    I pay a mortgage loan
    Istvan György

  47. Hi
    Wheels are still available. only good wheels are interested
    Shipped to Europe
    I pay a mortgage loan
    Istvan György

  48. Hi I’m interested in the radical. Not too familiar with the purchase process but it will come with a bill of sale?

  49. Dear Enthusiast,
    I am very interested about your car, but being Italian and not so familiar with how things work, I would like to know a little more about registering as a street legal car. Just to understand if It has possible to register in my country.
    Can you send me photos of the registration documents to luca.molinero@fuchs.com?
    And maybe a few more high-definition photos, I’d be grateful.
    Thanks a lot, regards.
    Luca Molinero

  50. Yes it is, note that since the ad was posted the car has had a engine rebuilt so it is at zero hrs currently. The asking price is $95k based on this. Please let me know if you are interested and I will make sure it is ready. Please feel free to call me on my cell 847-778-2958

    Thank You

  51. Hi Adriaan, thank you for submitting your car! Are there many Radicals in Angola? Checking my notes on this car it appears that it was originally delivered to Radical Portugal and it must have gone onto Dubai from there. My notes also show this as originally being a light blue car. Perhaps it was painted Red? Are there any signs of light blue gelcoat under the paint?


  52. I need a wing for a 2004 SR3. Dont care if its new or used just don’t want to spend a ton of money on it.

  53. Hello,

    Do you still have parts for a throttle cable? Radical SR3 Gen 2 1500cc specifically. I’m looking for any parts related throttle cable parts etc.

  54. Is this engine still for sale? Is it equipped with a spin clutch? Looking to replace my old (chassis 608) 1500cc engine. I am in Arizona.

  55. Hello, have you sold your rims?
    I have the same pats of wheels, only I’m not sure where I can post them for sale in Europe..

  56. Hello, I am writing from Switzerland using Google Translate.
    Do you still have these bikes?
    If yes, I am interested, you can let me know. Thank you, regards Bruno

  57. I am looking for right/left louvers for the front panel. Please let me know what you might have available. thanks

  58. i have no idea. That would be a question that needs to be answered directly from Radical in the UK. Once you have the answer and IF the do fit i can send them to you.

    Can you give me where in the USA you live please?


  59. Ben
    Is your car still available I will be in your area next month and if it’s still for sale would like to arrange a time to meet with you